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Planet X: Run and HIDE! #2

So who IS Open/Closed Minded, who hides behind several skips around the
nation so he cannot be discovered at his LAN, at work, and faced when
those angry at the coverup want to come looking for him?

1. We know that Richard T, who confessed here on sci.astro
     to being the contact with Open/Closed Minded, has an email addy.  So, same locale.

2. We know he has access to an observatory and infrared camera.

     Richard wrote:
     "Nancy, due to the varied weather conditions at the
      observatory site could you please provide us with
      Southeast coordinates"

3. We know at least ONE name of an associate known to
     actually speak to Open/Closed Minded

     Richard wrote that Open Minded wrote:
     "the Palomar images ... were carefully selected by one
      of my mentors, Dr. George Abell, to exclude such things.
      The fact that my image does not show such a transient
      object ..."

4. We know that after a skip through several states to avoid
     being discovered in his lair, Open/Closed Minded seems
     to be located in Florida. The Cape?  NASA launches?

     (Sirgrim)Goes from IL to NY to DC to GA to FL
              to NCF
     (NancyL) IMO left? COWARD Indeed!
     (NancyL) He's afraid you'll trace him, if he sticks around.
     (NancyL) Anyone catch which hole his tail went into, when
              he slithered away?
     (Sirgrim)I've already traced him, he seen it going through
              a firewall between Florida and Georgia.

5. And in case anyone is wondering just WHO Open/Closed
     Minded might be, the self-appointed LEADER of amateurs
     advised to look too EARLY for Planet X in the
     astronomical dawn so they become discouraged and the
     hooting and snickering drown out all later attempts, (buying
     time for NASA, the prime coverup perpetrator), here's what
     he has to say about himself!

     "About Me
      I am married and have several kids and even a few grandkids.
      I like dogs, cats, and cars. I have studied science and
      engineering and have fiddled with building things and fixing
      things (both hardware and software) for a zillion years (well,
      actually about 52 years but it seems like a zillion). For more
      than half a zillion years I have held a responsible position at
      an institute of higher learning. (I have several degrees
      including one some of my associates refer to as
      PostHoleDigger). I particularly enjoy digging information out
      of noisy data (or showing that no information is hiding there)."

Thanks for clearing that up, Open/Closed Minded!  Now we know what
state/city/name to come looking for when you disappear, later this
year!  In similar manner, WHAT would be said about Nancy of ZetaTalk if
all I was willing to divulge were:

     About Me
      I am married and have several kids and a grandchild.  I like
      dogs and cats and gardening.  I have only a high school
      degree but several members of my family have advanced
      degrees.  I have been passing along information from
      a source NOT myself since 1995, and found it to be
      unerringly accurate, including predictions on weather and
      the impact on crops, quake increases, solar magnetic
      alignment, and the sighting of an inbound brown dwarf.
      Never mind my NAME or where I LIVE, as I want to
      hide in case you come looking for me, later.  BUT, you
      should take the information I give you seriously, as
      I fully stand behind it!  TRUST me.  (Just don't come
      LOOKING for me).