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Planet X: Run and HIDE! #1

Open Minded, who is NOT that, runs and hides.  Such is the character of
the man who asserts he will LEAD those looking for Planet X this Fall to
the truth.  Is he Open Minded, or Closed Minded?  Here's what he said,
AHEAD of his search last Fall, 2001:

[Open/Closed Minded wrote:]
    I will continue to take my test images with my
    system by pointing at the X coords when that is
    feasible.  Eventually, of course, I will find
    something that is not on the PSS images.  It will
    be a comet or asteroid, not X, but when that
    happens I will certainly let you know. ...

So WHATEVER he finds will NOT be X, and he followed this statement by
actions, as when on Jan 5th he found an object NOT an existing star, he
chose to say "the star moved" rather than become Open, not Closed

     Existing Lg Star O
     Existing Sm Star *
     Planet X on Jan 5th X

     Palomar and Jan 19th

        *      *

     With Px ( on Jan 5th

        *      * <= Existing Star alignment
        X      O <= Planet X alignment

And is he willing to stand behind his words?  FACE the people he has
misled by his assertion that he is OPEN, when Planet X is indeed visible
in the Fall and going into the best viewing season, December, 2002?  As
soon as he is ABOUT to be discovered, hiding behind several loops all
over the nation going into the weekly Live ZetaTalk IRC Session
yesterday, he did the RUN AND HIDE! bit.  Such courage!  We can be sure
this is an indication of how he will behave when Planet X is found.  The
amateur community led by a faceless coward!  Not surprising, such is the
ilk of these people.

Session Start: Fri Jul 13 16:32:28 2002
(NancyL)I'm watching for IMO as I want to press him on WHO he is.  You
          know, his web site as an "About Me" page that does everything but say
          WHO he is!
(NancyL)Mystery man, and last week I got his TCP/IP from this chat, and
          per Obany, it cannot be traced.
(NancyL)He works very hard to hide.
(NancyL)Obviously on a NASA mission.
(NancyL)And does not want to be found when Planet X is visible and
          inbound and all KNOW this.  They'd want to know why he worked so very
          very hard to cast doubt, while, I have no doubt, knowing BETTER.
(NancyL)Same with Tholen, and others in the know.  Look them up in the
          weeks and months before the shift, and ask why they cared so damn little
          about you and yours.
(NancyL)Pott, you brag all the time on your skills.  YOU tell me then,
          who IS Open Minded?
(Pott)Unresolvable IP
(Pott)Actually it didn't resolve on IRC
(Pott)Here is his resolved address
(Sirgrim)Pasting people's IPs is not proving who they are.
(Sirgrim)And I'm sure open minded wouldn't want people knowing his
          computer's address.
(NancyL)Pott, yes, but per Obany, this leads to NO place and NO person!
(NancyL)I tried
(NancyL)That's a temporary address, right, for a temporary linkup?
(Scarface)Resolved to

(Scarface)It's behind a LAN
(NancyL)Like posting on  Who knows who you are?
(NancyL)Sirgrim, IMO hides.  Is there anyway to find out WHO he is?
(Wage)They pull your email address, etc, from M$
(Sirgrim)Goes from IL to NY to DC to GA to FL to NCF
(NancyL)He has this "About Me" page on his web site, dedicated to being
          the spokesperson for finding PX, so he and NASA hope.
(Sirgrim)IMO is Open Minded
(NancyL)Or I should say NOT finding it, per his directions (or should I
          say mis-directions).
(IMO)If any of you true believers have a scope, you should go look for
          Nancy's planet.
(IMO)See ;her position
          is now viewable.
(IMO)No sign of her planet though ... it is not there.
(Sirgrim)IMO: my reaction to your
          pictures, you see it?
(NancyL)A whole page, about being a grandpa, his hobbies, etc. NO
          picture, NO name, NO city, NO state, NO occupation.
(NancyL) :-) Such COURAGE, Open Minded, from someone who wants to lead
          the world into a disinformation fog!
(NancyL)And if he is so SURE PX will not appear, later, to be obvious,
          then why the hiding?
(NancyL)We should take notes, where these people live, and look them UP
          later when PX looms inbound.
(NancyL)If they work for NASA, and KNOW is it coming, then HEY, lets
          hold them responsible for their disinformation!
(IMO) ou idiot ... the picture was to show that the coordinates were
          available for scope viewing, not to look for the planet.
(NancyL)You're HERE.  Now you can tell us "About" yourself, like NAME,
          CITY, LOCATION, etc.
(Anonymous)What's with the counter-witch-hunt prosecuted against
(NancyL)We wait with bated breath!
(AGreenspan)He seems to have proved your point, N.
(NancyL)IMO, stand behind your words, COWARD!
(NancyL)Anon, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, no?
(NancyL)Oh, I forgot, Anon, you only think I should be attacked and
          held responsible for misleading people.
(NancyL)Does it not cut both ways?
(NancyL)IMO left? COWARD Indeed!
(NancyL)He's afraid you'll trace him, if he sticks around.
(NancyL)Anyone catch which hole his tail went into, when he slithered
(Sirgrim)I've already traced him, he seen it going through a firewall
          between Florida and Georgia.
(Cybervvizz)And if he use multiple proxy?
(NancyL)He has breaks in the trail, all the way to the hole he slithers
(NancyL)First you have to be able to FIND him when the heat is on.
(NancyL)Anon, I only ask for HIM what he demands of ME, and I might add
          YOU demand of ME.
(SteveH)IMO also states the object from Jan 19 image pre-exists on the
          NEAT images when it doesn't even show up on his Jan 5 image
(NancyL)Guy, distractions are planned NOW as IMO is trying to get you
          to start to look NOW, not see it due to light pollution, then get