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Re: Planet X: Out from the Sun

In Article <> Open Minded wrote:
> I have marked Nancy's position and one can
> see that that location can easily be viewed
> now (no signs of her planet though). Incidently,
> since Nancy seems to think M31 is very hard to
> see, I have marked its location as well.

Ah, you've marked the LOCATION of M31, WELL above the horizon and with a
3.7 Magnitude. And you're leading the world to look for this nonexistent
object, which a crazy woman is pointing at?

Why all this effort, for a nonexistent object?

But we're still MISSING Open Minded!  Grandpa, hobbies, "about me", and
no name?  No city of residence?  How about coming our of HIDING, Open
Minded, and telling us where we can find you when Planet X does become
visible to all?

Opps, stopped posting!  No known address.  Posts via Google or through
so many screens (yes, I tried to trace your IRC persona, your TCP/IP,
and you stay well hidden).

If we're to take you seriously, like Nancy Lieder or Steve Havas or
Pierre-Eric, then how about coming out from behind the curtain?




Doing NASA a service and then ditching out?