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Re: Planet X: When to Start Looking?

In Article: <> Open Minded wrote:
> I know we are all eagerly awaiting the emergence 
> of Nancy's coordinates from behind the sun.  The 
> following is based on catching sight of her coords 
> about 15 degrees above the horizon while the sun
> is at nautical sunrise (12 degrees down).  I can not 
> give the exact coordinates here because Nancy is 
> withholding them right now to give Tholen and I 
> less time to modify the NEAT images (futile since 
> we did it in only a few days last winter). [NB: that 
> was a joke folks.]

Dear Open Minded, I never said YOU were a NEAT Doctor, just a spin
doctor, and I suspect for no malicious intent whatsoever.  You're
obviously looking.  You took and posted infrared images, that were
genuine.  The concepts presented by the Zetas run against so much of
what the scientific community preaches as gospel that it is EXPECTED
that we/they would be wrong.  The concept of a pole shift of the
magnitude predicted by the Zetas is so gut wrenching that it is EXPECTED
that the first reaction is denial and dismissal.  You're plugging on,
here, and this shows you're made of the right stuff.  You have your
doubts but you're doing honest examination and discussion, even if
you're, in essence, saying "no, no, it can't be true!!!" You're doing
better than most folks in denial.  You don't have your fingers in your
ears, etc.  You're thumping your Bible a lot and talking in a loud
voice, but in general folks in denial do that just before the armor
cracks and they say "crips, it's true, now what!"  Remember, Troubled
Times has been discussing the "now what" for about 5 years, there is a
PDF booklet explaining the "now what" in simple terms - stay out of
buildings during the shift, then distill your water and learn to enjoy
eating bugs, etc.

> When available the coords will be at
> Meanwhile, it should be between these extremes (note 
> that these are in conventional, rather than Nancy, 
> units - HMS/DMS):
>  31-May-02 4:24:14 12:08:16
>   3-Mar-03 4:17:51  9:57:58

Someone kindly provided an easy conversion method to change from the
decimal to hours and minutes version, and I did that recently and found
it remarkably easy.  What was all the shouting about earlier, as to what
method to use?  More of Tholen's verbal fog, etc.  Divide by 60 and
that's the minutes.  Divide the remainder by 60 and that's the seconds,
etc. Yesh. And since the astronomers in 2001 had NO problem
understanding what to do, to point THERE, it seems it was never an
unknown, and NOT just "Nancy units".

> The first folks to get a good look are those in the 
> southern hemisphere.  They should be able to 
> start viewing at the end of June.  The approximate 
> location is just about directly above Aldebaran 
> (30 % higher than the length of the "vee").
> Folks in North Freedom, WI will see things a bit 
> differently (in more ways than one).  Start looking 
> in the second week of July.  The coordinates will 
> be to the right of Aldebaran (about 30% farther 
> than the length of the "vee").

And adjusted for bending red light, depending upon latitude.  I still
want to find tune this, so depending on latitude, folks can plug in an
expectation, a factor, etc.  You know, if red lights does NOT bend, more
easily than blue, etc., then WHY, when the Sun is ABOUT to come up in
the morning, or has just gone down in the evening, do we only see the
red light spectrum in the sky?  Not blue?  During the day we see
scattered blue, but not pre-dawn or post-sunset?  Blue ricochets but
does not bend, but red bends?

> I have no idea what to say you should look for 
> as Nancy has given up trying to express brightness.  
> She has said that her planet should be easily visible 
> in a small telescope.  It should be moving noticeably
> from night to night.

Very kind of you to post this, and I'll refer to this when folks ask, as
they do, frequently.