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Re: Zetas RIGHT Again! (Summary 2)

In Article  <> Craig Markwardt 
> Jonathan Silverlight <> writes:
>> Craig Markwardt wrote:
>>> From my quick look at the Ullyses spacecraft page [ref. 2],
>>> I find that Ullyses does not have a magnetometer.  They 
>>> must be attempting to infer the magnetic field from solar 
>>> wind data.
>> Did they delete them? The Ulysses Data Book refers to two 
>> triaxial magnetometers; a fluxgate instrument and a Vector 
>> Helium magnetometer.
> Good point, I didn't look hard enough.  The magnetometer 
> was provided by the Imperial College of London. [ref. 1]

Thus, JPL reported:

   JPL September 9, 2001

      As Ulysses passed by the south pole of 
      the sun a few months ago, scientists
      expected to find that magnetic lines
      were pointing outward, because
      observations from Earth show that
      the magnetic field has already reversed
      at the Sun's surface. Instead they found 
      that the Magnetic lines were still pointing
      inward, just as they had been throughout 
      solar minimum.

Now, the conclusion based on OBSERVATIONS FROM EARTH, which had been
reported at least by early 2001, were that THE MAGNETIC FIELD HAD
ALREADY REVERSED. As we determined in discussions leading into the Zetas
RIGHT Again! thread, the assumption, the theory, that solar reversals
happen during solar cycles was based on appearances, only.  It LOOKED
like that was happening.  So the appearance changed, the announcement
was made that a reversal had occurred ... but they were dead wrong! But
rather than eat crow, JPL is continuing to float their earlier theory.  

In Article  <> Craig Markwardt 
> The latest data from Ulysses show that the transition 
> from a northward oriented magnetic field to a south 
> oriented one is currently under way.  This switch from 
> one direction to another takes several months and has 
> implications for the severity of the magnetic storms 
> which arrive at the Earth. ...

Are we privy to the latest data?  Was this recorded as Ulysses was
moving AWAY from the pole?  In other words, out into the field
surrounding the Sun? How does this stack up against the SOLID recording
taken AT the South Pole that the South Pole was still south and the
North Pole still north reported by Ulysses?   Does the Sun's magnetic
field, or any magnetic field for that matter, flux a bit?  There are
places on Earth, and times, when the direction of the compass is not
exactly magnetic north and south.  

    Another point that may come into play on a local level is 
    local magnetic anomalies. This probably isn't the case
    with the FAA report. While videotaping a lawyers 
    conference on Real Estate Law, they were talking about how,
    on the east side of Atlanta, GA when the land was surveyed, 
    they used a compass and typical surveying equipment.
    Now, as land is sold and resurveyed they are finding gross 
    mistakes as in some people don't own anything, others
    own twice or more what they thought, and lines that were
    supposed to be parallel, cross. Of course now they are
    using sophisticated equipment and such and they found 
    that the original surveys were not carelessly done but that
    there are major magnetic anomalies in the area giving 
    totally false headings. All was worked out for the
    landowners, but it was a mess for awhile. 

    It only affected, or at least they have only discovered it, in
    a relatively small area east of Atlanta, and it was discovered 
    about 10 to 15 years ago when Atlanta entered into its 
    boom time. That area, Gwinette Co. and Dekalb Co. were 
    fast growing and subdivisions were blooming everywhere, 
    thus a lot of surveying to lay it all out. This area of GA is 
    on a major granite shelf, Stone Mt., GA is just one obvious 
    manifestation of this, and it is within a dozen miles of the 
    area I'm talking about
        Dec 6, 1995, Patrick Frye, University of Georgia

I can see the embarrased JPL/Ulysses team now.  "Let's grab this data
flux and claim it supports our comfortable old theory, and not report
all the other fluxes that contradict it." And when will Ulysses pass by
again, to record whether their assumption on their chosen delimited
piece of the flux data are right?  Years away.