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Re: Planet X Question

In Article <YJof7.2704$> David Tholen wrote:
>> ZetaTalk stated it is near the constellation of Taurus
> Except that when you differenced its coordinates with
> another object, you treated the right ascension in degrees.
> That puts it (allegedly) in the Pisces/Pegasus region.

As I stated in Article <> titled Planet X:
VIEWING, Restated posted last Monday, the 13th.  This is also available
on my web site (

        RA 4.45732 Dec 11.91793 on Sep 30, 2001
        RA 4.45962 Dec 12.44113 on Sep 20, 2001
        RA 4.46002 Dec 12.56542 on Sep 5, 2001
        RA 4.46137 Dec 12.74267 on Aug 25, 2001
        RA 4.46978 Dec 12.98923 on Aug 15, 2001
            ZetaTalk™ (dated June 17, 2001)

In Article <YJof7.2704$> David Tholen wrote:
>> You're assuming the Kuiper Belt exists.  This is a human THEORY.
> On the contrary, it's a fact.  Over 400 objects have been discovered.

Do we have a NEO Belt yet?  There’s a number of object sighted in THIS
orbit also.  No?  How many objects does it take to make a “belt”,
David?  And are you counting in the 400, comets that come closer and are
ASSUMED to come from what you term the Kuiper Belt?  Comets are also
ASSUMED to come from something called the Oort Belt.  Both are theories
of comet origins.

    Humans speculate on the origin of comets. The majority
    of comets visiting your Solar System return because they
    originated here, during planetary breakups caused by the
    periodic passage of [Planet X], for one. Look to the
    nature of your Solar System, the composition and shape
    of the planets. How would irregularly shaped chunks of
    ice, which in essence comets are, begin? The Earth was
    once a water planet, but lost much of her water following
    a collision with a traveling moon of [Planet X]. Where
    do you suppose her waters went?
        ZetaTalk™, Oort Cloud