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Re: Planet X Question

In Article <> David Knisely wrote:
> And now,....THE POETRY CORNER!

Since this is not considered Off Topic [OT] for sci.astro.amateur, I'll
participate :-)

The Shepherds of sci.astro
    have a simple thing to do,
so with smug assurace they proceed
    to dupe the sheep - that's YOU!

You are so blind, so very dumb,
    accepting what they say,
it's merely a matter of stating
    what the EXPERTS, "they", relay.

With glazed eyes and stumbling steps,
    you follow along the way,
one after the other, nose to tail,
    down the pathway they have laid.

At the end of the day,
    they raise their glass,
and smirk about the ease of
    this shepherding task!

They never question!
    They don't doubt!
I come in on technical
    and wow them about!

If it doesn't compute,
    if it can't be aligned,
It doesn't matter,
    It's the OFFICIAL line!

So no black Sheep?
    No questioning minds?
Me thinks the Shepherds
    underestimate thine!