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Crop Circles Man-Made NOT!

OK, I, who am often thrown "she's making incredible claims, so the
burden of proof is on her", want turn about.  If crop circles are made
during the night by a bunch of yahoos with boards, then let those making
THAT incredible claim prove:
1. how this circle could have been made with NO footprints between the
   various circles
2. how the wheat stalks are bent at 90 degree angles and continue to
   grow, not broken
3. why wheat in crop circles grows faster than surrounding fields,
   better harvest
4. how in the dead of night these yahoos manage this precision

In view of the continuing stunning evidence, increasing complexity,
displayed at this web site, the man-made theory boggles.  The creators
of the 'Crop Circle Connector' site are calling this the greatest crop
circle to ever form so far. It appeared this week.