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Re: Planet X Question

In Article <> Michael L. Cunningham wrote:
> Currently Planet X is said to be in the constellation of Taurus.
> Individuals are already claiming that due to it's size (four times
> that of Jupiter) and having a magnetic field that far exceeds that of
> our Sun (approaching that of a neutron star)

ZetaTalk stated it is near the constellation of Taurus
( but who the heck said
it's four times the size of Jupiter and has a magnetic field exceeding
the Sun?  Not ZetaTalk, that's for sure!

ZetaTalk stated that the diameter is four times the size of EARTH with a
mass 23 times Earth's mass, and that is has a magnetic core as does the
Earth.  Magnets don't conflict with each other to the extent of causing
pole shifts until in close proximity, when Planet X passes BETWEEN the
Earth and Sun, close enough to create a conflict situation in the
Earth.  Both these planets also line up WITH the Sun.  The pole shift is
caused by Planet X coming up from beneath the Earth, where it had been
lined up North Pole of X to South Pole of Earth.  The North Pole of X
grips the South Pole of the Earth as it begins to pass, thus tipping

In Article <> Michael L. Cunningham wrote:
> The Kuiper Belt: Planet X would have to pass through this
> belt of frozen planetoids and comets. Indeed, if it's position
> is accurate, it should be right in the middle of it.

You're assuming the Kuiper Belt exists.  This is a human THEORY.
Existing ZetaTalk on the Oort Cloud, etc.

    Ah, the theoretical Oort Cloud. As with the mythical Quark
     - give it a name and it becomes real. It is not real. Humans
    assume that comets just happen along, and sometimes get
    caught in a repeating cycle. Humans speculate on the origin
    of comets. The majority of comets visiting your Solar System
    return because they originated here, during planetary breakups
    caused by the periodic passage of [Planet X], for one.
    Look to the nature of your Solar System, the composition and
    shape of the planets. How would irregularly shaped chunks of
    ice, which in essence comets are, begin? The Earth was once a
    water planet, but lost much of her water following a collision
    with a traveling moon of [Planet X]. Where do you suppose
    her waters went?
        ZetaTalk™, Oort Cloud

In Article <> Michael L. Cunningham wrote:
> Due to it's immense size and gravity, thousands if
> not millions of comets and planetoids should have been
> displaced from their orbits, either being thrown from the
> solar system forever, captured in orbit around Planet X,
> or cast towards our Sun to melt in it's outer solar atmosphere.

What do you think the increase in meteors is all about - fire balls,
green meteors, etc.?

    All the nervous talk by the government about asteroids as we
    approach the millennium is not just talk. Star Wars started
    the theme, NASA has never dropped it, and disaster movies
    hammer the theme home to the public - worry about asteroids.
    More than just the 12th Planet comes through on its
    periodic passages. [Planet X]'s moons travel like a string of
    pearls behind the monster traveling planet because they have
    been caught in its gravitational field. And a great deal of
    trash has also been caught, from boulders to gravel to dust
    that drags long behind as the giant comet's tail. But outside
    of [Planet X]'s gravitational grip, yet influenced more by
    [Planet X] than any other object, is other trash that makes
    the rounds with [Planet X]. Like rogue asteroid or meteor
    dust, this trash could conceivably impact the Earth, as its
    orbit is not like the orbit of the trash in the Asteroid Belt,
    orbiting the Sun always a distance away from the Earth, its
    orbit crosses the Solar System at an angle, just as [Planet X]
    itself does. Early harbingers of this trash have begun arriving,
    and have announced their arrival in dramatic ways. Unlike
    the familiar shooting stars, these harbingers are green, not
    white, when they burn up in the atmosphere. Like the other
    signs on the increase, these harbingers will increase in
    numbers and be joined by other dramas in the skies, all of
    which will remain unexplained by the authorities.
        ZetaTalk™, Green Meteors

    The increasing meteor showers are in fact harbingers of
    the approach of [Planet X] which is about to reenter
    your Solar System and pass through in its inevitable march
    around its two suns. The approach of [Planet X] is
    accompanied by a great deal more than just the planet and
    its moons, which are trailing like so many ducklings
    behind their mother. There is an immense amount of trash,
    that also makes this route, loosely connected but not tightly
    joined so as to become clutter in [Planet X]'s atmosphere.
    Like the sweeping motion of the ecliptic plane of the planets
    and the asteroid belt around the Sun, [Planet X] draws with
    it trash which has a tendency to trail behind it. When
    [Planet X] leaves your Sun and goes back toward the Sun's
    dead twin, out some 18 steps from your Sun to Pluto and
    beyond, this trash lingers back and does not travel in front
    of [Planet X]. It tends to have less impetus. But when
    [Planet X] returns, there is pressure to move back into the
    Solar System and sling through.

    Why does this trash precede the traveling planet itself? It
    is brushed forward, as gravity attraction is matched by
    various gravity repulsions, and any motion created affects
    all in the vicinity. The repulsion force, which keeps large
    objects apart and prevents collision, is in play with more
    than just gravity particles, as there are many subatomic
    particles mankind is unaware of which are also affected.
    One has only to look at the ecliptic to see that there is an
    influence upon the planets from the sun such that they all
    line up along a plane, as though there were a wash inward
    or outward from the sun. Likewise, when a large body is
    in motion through space, the reach of this object is broad,
    out into space, and sets in motion stagnant objects.
    Something similar to a swimmers paddling foot in water.
    Something may be bobbling up and down on top of the foot,
    or on the bottom of the foot, but it may never leave and go
    entirely around the foot but just bobble back and forth.
    Thus, meteor and space trash activity will increase, going
    into the passage, far ahead of the actual passage itself. This
    trash is unsettled and plunges into the Earth's atmosphere.
    There will be increasing activity of this nature - larger
    meteors, more than just dramatic fireballs or green streaks.
    The recent occurrence of a large rock falling onto
    Greenland is not going to be unusual. There will be more
    dramatic shows, but at the same time less talk of it in the
        ZetaTalk™, Space Trash