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Re: Betting on Planet-X

In Article <> John Latala wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Chosp wrote:
>>> I don't think we need to worry about the size of the planet and
>>> it's mass. As I mentioned in my original posting I think all that
>>> counts is the physical pole reversal. In that case all we'd need
>>> then is the two dates between which we can expect our seasons
>>> to change.
>> When Nancy writes "pole shift", do you think she means a
>> magnetic pole reversal or a physical shifting of the earth
>> on its axis?  Has she clarified the issue?
> I had the impression from one of her posts that she was talking a
> physical pole shift because she mentioned something about a
> person not even being safe underground due to tectonic plate
> movement ... and then it started getting weird.

Placing bets is silly, as money won't be the medium of exchange AFTER
the shift.  Needles and thread, salt, seed, vitamin C, or a sack of rice
and beans maybe, but not stocks and bonds.  Which is why the banking
industry LOVES ZetaTalk.  Puts their commodity into question.

    Money will begin to lose its value long before the
    cataclysms hit. This will be worldwide, and in
    almost all human cultures. Why should this be the
    case, when, as we have stated, the majority of
    humanity will either be unaware of the coming
    cataclysms or in denial? The financial structure of
    the world's financial empires is really quite fragile.
    Look to the swings of the stock markets, the bond
    markets, and other speculations. Panic sets in at a
    moment's notice. The problem is that financial
    matters are based on human perceptions of worth.
    This moves about, even in the most stable of times.
    The value of an item increases during shortage,
    plummets during times of plenty, and otherwise is
    affected by various perceptions of being in the
    right place at the right time. There are gamblers
    aplenty in the financial arenas. ... Look to history,
    to see how little it took to create financial panics. ...
    Humans of good heart concerned with survival
    through the cataclysms are advised not to look to
    the money markets for assistance.
        ZetaTalk™, Worthless Money