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Re: Betting on Planet-X

In Article <> John Latala wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Chosp wrote:
>>> I don't think we need to worry about the size of the planet and
>>> it's mass. As I mentioned in my original posting I think all that
>>> counts is the physical pole reversal. In that case all we'd need
>>> then is the two dates between which we can expect our seasons
>>> to change.
>> When Nancy writes "pole shift", do you think she means a
>> magnetic pole reversal or a physical shifting of the earth
>> on its axis?  Has she clarified the issue?
> I had the impression from one of her posts that she was talking a
> physical pole shift because she mentioned something about a
> person not even being safe underground due to tectonic plate
> movement ... and then it started getting weird.

I'll detail the weird a bit, in a series of posts.  This being the
fourth post.

    The pole shift is in fact a movement of the interior of
    the Earth, the core, to come into alignment with
    [Planet X].  ... However, the core of the Earth drags the
    crust with it as it turns to align anew. The pole shift is
    therefore sudden, taking place in what seems to be
    minutes to humans involved in the drama, but which
    actually takes place during the better part of an hour.
    There are stages, between which the human spectators,
    in shock, are numb. At first there is a vibration of sorts,
    a jiggling, as the crust separates in various places from
    the core. Then there is a slide, where the crust is dragged,
    over minutes, to a new location, along with the core.
    During the slide, tidal waves move over the Earth along
    the coast lines, as the water is not attached and can move
    independently. The water tends to stay where it is, the
    crust moving under it, essentially. When the core finds
    itself aligned, it churns about somewhat, settling, but the
    crust, more solid and in motion, proceeds on. This is in
    fact where mountain building and massive earthquakes
    occur, just as car crashes do their damage on the point
    of impact, when motion must stop. Weak spots among
    the Earth's crustal plates give way. The Pacific Ocean
    will shorten, and the Atlantic widen. Subducting plates
    will subduct greatly. Mountain building will occur
    suddenly, primarily increasing in areas already
    undergoing mountain building. All told, the better part
    of an hour, but at certain stages, only minutes. Plants
    survive as they are rooted and their seeds are everywhere,
    and animals including man survive because they travel
    with the moving plates of the Earth and experience no
    more severe a shock when the plates stop moving than
    they would during a Richter 9 earthquake. Where
    mountain building occurs when the plates stop moving,
    the stoppage is not simply a sudden jolt, like a car
    hitting a brick wall. All is in motion, and the stoppage
    is more like a car hitting a barrier of sand filled plastic
    barrels - a series of small jolts, occurring in quick
        ZetaTalk™, Pole Shift