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Re: Pole Shifts - Should We Care?

In Article <> Robert Ehrlich
> Ace Schallger wrote:
>> Since the period known as the Jurassic there has been
>> about 171 dipole reversals or dipole excursion sequences.
>> In reality such events have always been globally catastrophic.
> Polar field reversals are trivial by products of flow instability
> in the circulation of the liquid core.  Sometimes the field drops
> to zero and the original orientation then is reinstated, sometimes
> the field 'flips' after going to zero.  To my knowledge there
> have been no 'catatastrophes' when either happens.  There
> probably are effects arising from the loss of field with respect
> incoming ions but there seems to be nothing in the geological
> record to indicate severe events.  Orientation of the field is now
> routinely in sea bottom cores that carry maybe 2,000,000 years
> of history.  This data and associated isotopic and paleontology
> data do not suggest major disruptions associated with polar
> reversals.

    Please explain what CAUSES the 'flow instability' you refer to.
    You have a theory based on ZERO evidence?  Are you claiming
    to be a scientist or just someone who has a nervous stomach
    and wants the though of catastrophes to go away? You have
    the Sun and Mercury and your Earth all like large magnets in
    the sky.  Do your magnets on Earth have 'flow instability' that
    causes them to flip?  They do ONLY if they are presented with
    an overwhelming flow of magnetic particles going in a different
    direction.  And just what is that overwhelming flow in your
    solar system, that would cause the Earth to flip about, and
    remain there for thousands of years, in its magnetic orientation?
    The hand of God? You have ZERO evidence. You have a
    THEORY, only.  So please deal with the facts that your Earth
    presents, and stop running from the discussion, too scared to

Those facts being (and presenting only a minimal list):

 1. Greenland having more ice than Antarctica, though not a
    pole, as though it had been MOVED there, having been a
    pole in the recent past.

 2. Ice Ages having no explanation other than the crust shifting
    so the poles have BEEN on different parts of the Earth

 3. Continental "Drift" occurring when the force required to rip
    continents apart is beyond what we experience in
    earthquakes, where a moving crust with plates slamming
    into each other WOULD explain this.

 4. The Earth's axis having moved (per Pottsdam University
    in Germany) during the time of the Jewish Exodus,
    approximately 3,600 years ago.

 5. The violent volcanic eruption of Thera during the time of
    the Jewish Exodus

 6. Documentation from both the Egyptians and Jews re a
    time when red dust poisoned the ground water, hailstones
    fell, and the Earthquakes tumbled stone buildings to the
    extent that the Jews walked away from their captors, old
    and lame alike due to the distraction.

 7. Documentation on a long day or long night from both
    the Bible (Josuah, long day) and the Indians on the West
    Coast of the Americas (long night) during that same

 8. Mastodons found frozen solid in the polar circle with
    green grass and spring flowers in their stomachs, as
    though they had been MOVED there in the midst of

 9. More volcanoes active now than in the memory of man,
    along with deep earthquakes taking a measurable uptick
    between '85 and '95 followed by the current measurable
    uptick in large Richter quakes.

10. Permafrost softening and polar ice melting at a faster
    rate than would be explained by a slight increase in air
    temperature, as though the heat were coming from
    WITHIN the Earth.

11. The White House being utterly casual about Global
    Warming, which is the official explanation of why the
    weather has gotten violent to the point of dumping
    20-40" of rain recently on Houston (where daddy
    Bush lives).