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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D8) <= Graviton

In Article <> Quantum Certainty wrote
> Not only does this scenario present the addition of
> velocities problem, but also another problem. Suppose
> that we are floating towards a black hole. If the
> downward press of particles moves with less than
> the speed of light we will never accelerate to the
> speed of light, and thus there is no such thing as
> black holes. This violates GR and must also be
> incorrect.

Perhaps I'm immersed in the concepts the Zetas give me and see no
problem with Black Holes holding light BACK so it does not escape (thus
the hole is black) and ALSO holding back gravity particles, thus the
intense gravity attraction of a black hole.  What am I missing?

    So dark that light can't escape, so dense that all matter
    going in gets compressed into imperceptibility. What is
    a black hole, and does matter go in and never come out?
    All is relative, and the denseness of black holes only
    seems so to humans because they have no basis of
    comparison. Also, as nothing seems to be coming out,
    humans assume this is a bottomless pit of some sort, and
    frankly fear black holes. They serve a purpose, however,
    and are part of God's plan for renewing the Universe.
    You know about the concept of the big bang, which we
    have explained as setting the clock back on a part of the
    Universe, a type of refreshed state. The big bang requires
    something to bang from, and that state is what the black
    holes are accumulating.
        ZetaTalk™, Black Holes