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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D8) <= Graviton

In Article <> Quantum Certainty wrote
> In Article <> The Small Kahuna wrote:
>>  This can only be true if there is a repulsion force operating.
> I do agree that there is a repulsion force. ...  the idea that
> gravity is a quantum event has been around for some time.
> We even have a name for a gravity particle--the graviton
> and a theory called quantum gravity.

Oh really?  I didn't know that.  But when ZetaTalk presents that concept
it's because I'm a nut case.  Humm.

    Gravity is particles, moving, just as magnetic fields are,
    and there is a polarization in gravity, which we have
    explained as the repulsion force. Before mankind
    discovered that magnetism was polarized, they
    discovered it as an attractive force. Metallic items
    stuck to the sides of magnetized rock - how curious.
    After centuries of digging about in this phenomena,
    humans have satisfied their curiosity to the extent that
    they understand that magnetism is a force field, has a
    flow out from one pole and in at the other pole, that
    the Sun and some other planets are magnetized and
    line up with each other. They still don't understand
    the cause of this force field, or its nature. Magnetism
    is caused by a particle, in motion, as we have
    explained. What other explanation is there for a force
    that reaches out and affects another? Magic?

    The bi-polar aspect of magnetism is only apparent
    when what occurs in nature can be countered in the
    laboratory. You force magnetized objects to do what
    they do not want to do - touch north pole to north pole
    or vice versa. Then you can observe the bi-polar nature.
    In gravity, you are seeing but one aspect in the
    positioning of the planets, and dealing with a
    phenomena that does not lend itself to easy
    experimentation. However, experimentation is
    possible, in space and away from the surface of the
    planet. The repulsion force fills the gap in some of your
    other theories where you have no explanation for

    In magnetism, the simple flow of particles creates more
    than a force for alignment, it creates an attraction. The
    gap is filled. Like water in a stream, where flotsam
    eventually lines up in the center, evenly spaced, just so
    magnetized objects do not keep their distance when
    free to move. They approach each other, and attach like
    a string of pearls. Likewise the phenomena of gravity,
    where the desire to fill the gap causes objects to
    approach one another. It is only where this gap is
    overfilled, by the presence of two large objects coming
    near, that the repulsion force is expressed. There is no
    room for the flow of gravity particles, so the objects stay
        ZetaTalk™, Gravity Particle