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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D8)

Bill Nelson wrote:
> Nothing can orbit the Earth at surface level at the
> velocity the Moon has at 200,000+ miles distance. It
> has to move much faster.

Here's the figures, again.

     Earth density: 5.5170 g/cm^3
     Moon density: 3.3411 g/cm^3
     Earth: 5.9763e+24 kg ( 5.9763e+21 Metric Tons)
          or  2.70789475e+21 Metric Tons
     Moon: 7.3508e+22 kg ( 7.3508e+19 Metric Tons)
          or  5.49973424e+19 Metric Tons
          or 73,696,438,000,000,000,000 Metric Tons

     gravitational equation F = G*m1*m2/r^2
     acceleration of the moon due to gravity toward the Earth
           F = 2.20228796E+16 metric ton force
          or =  20,228,796,000,000,000 metric tons-force

     C  = Pi*2*R = Pi*D
     C =  2415768.45 km
     gives a circular orbital speed of: 1023.183 m/s

Note that the mass of the Moon has been REDUCED by the distance to be
only 20,228,796,000,000,000 metric tons-force.  So if you bluster away
saying I cannot put this REDUCED Moon on the surface of the Earth,
floating by slowly at only 1023 m/s, because now it is closer to the
Earth, you are not dealing with the fact that it has ALREADY BEEN
REDUCED by the distance factor.

   Mass of Moon 73,696,438,000,000,000,000 Metric Tons
   Reduced Mass 20,228,796,000,000,000 metric tons-force

So the reality is that the reduced mass is the EQUIVALENT of
20,228,796,000,000,000 metric tons-force moving at the surface, at only
1023 m/s (or 1018 m/s if you prefer).

    We have demonstrated ... that your inverse square law put
    together with Newton's rule balancing gravity pull and
    centrifugal force would have the equivalent of a million,
    trillion metric ton Moon up where your satellites ...
    position themselves, moving at only ... 1/4 the speed of
    your stationary satellites. ... you must explain how the
    Moon could have an equivalent [mass] of a million,
    trillion metric tons Earth surface weight, while only
    moving at 1023 m/s.