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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D8)

Greg Neill wrote:
>> Is there a Newton formula for velocity for a HIGH mass
>> orbiting object?
> Yes.  It is  v = sqrt(G*(M1 + M2)/r)

This is again stating that velocity must only take into consideration a
LESSER force of gravity than the Inverse Square law pronounces.  You are
NOT putting your math together, and this is because it is WRONG and DOES
NOT WORK.  The force of gravity between the Earth and a satellite is
trivial, because the satellite is a nit.

Magnus Nyborg wrote:

> Ground orbit (if possible) -
>    v = sqrt( 6.67E-11 * 5.976E24 / 6.378E6 ) = 7905 m/s
> Satellite orbit -
>    v = sqrt( 6.67E-11 * 5.976E24 / 6.478E6 ) = 7844 m/s
> Moon orbit -
>    v = sqrt( 6.67E-11 * 5.976E24 / 3.844E8 ) = 1018 m/s

But the mass of the Moon, adjusted by the Inverse Square rule to be the
mass AT THE DISTANCE IT IS, is huge!  The satellite is a piece of dust
floating past, at a high speed.  The Moon is an elephant, floating past
at a very slow speed.