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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK

In Article <> D. Jarvinen wrote:
> In Article <> Nancy Lieder wrote:
>> In Article <QED77.35606$> Greg Neill wrote:
>>> Calculate the gravitational accleration on, say, Jupiter.  Then
>>> place the next nearest significant body, Mars, at its closest
>>> approach and calculate the acceleration of Jupiter caused by
>>> Mars.  Note the orders of magnitude difference.  It's like
>>> claiming that a kid with a pea shooter is going to knock an
>>> 18 wheeler off the freeway.
>> Excuse me, but if the planets can perturb each other to SPEED UP
>> or SLOW DOWN in their orbits, then there is sufficient influence
>> to PULL IN TOWARD THE SUN.  Why would there not be?  A
>> steady erosion in toward the Sun, which does not occur!  Rather
>> than deal with this, you throw insults and bluster!  Can't put
>> Greg and the truth on the same page either, I take it.
> When I see posts like this, I feel like the kid in grade school who
> knew the answer and raised his hand, jumping up and down,
> yelling "Me! Me! I know this one!" .. And, of course, you (or are
> you Zeta-talking above?) are absolutely right.  The planets orbits
> do not decay (oh, sorry, 'erode') because of man's incomplete
> understanding of orbital mechanics and the presence of the tenth
> (and possibly eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth) planet.

Indeed, where is the push-away law of gravity, that puts a perturbed
planet BACK into its safe distance from the Sun, once it has been
perturbed closer in to the Sun.  Math formulas were evolved to in a mode
where they were tweaked until they WORKED, and when they no longer
worked, tweaked again with different factor until they worked again.
Newton went up to a mountain top and came down with the Inverse Square
law written on a tablet?  He tried variations, and tweaked it, and
mulled it over a lot, no doubt.  But now, we're supposed to put that
process aside, when it is shown that a "law" no longer applies
perfectly!  Why?  As the Zetas have said, Newton has become a god, and
I'm swearing in church here, apparently.  It's a religion!  Don't
question, just obey!

    Elaborate mathematical descriptions of trajectories and orbits
    were drawn up in an age when man had not peeked beyond the
    Solar System with high powered telescopes floating above the
    atmosphere ... The only complete orbits known were those of
    the planets which hugged the Sun, and as the math was drawn
    up to fit these orbits, the orbits fit the math. ... As concepts tend
    to solidify as time passes, the young taking as absolutes what
    their elders preach, the Earth was now no longer flat, and the
    heavens no long revolved around the Earth, but most certainly
    all orbits were elliptical. ... Man sees the dance of stars, but
    there are so many variables that come into play, about which
    he is uncertain at best, that the arrows of doubt seldom get
    launched. Yet the arrows exists.
        ZetaTalk™, Dark Ages of Astronomy