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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D8)

In Article  <VHF77.35833$> Greg Neill wrote:
> Note that the gravitational force includes both masses, which
> should make you happy.  Note that the centrifugal force
> involves just the Moon's mass, which makes sense if you
> consider that for a given accelerated path (in this case a
> circular path) this force depends only on how massive the
> body is and how its direction of motion is changing.
> Fine, now equate the two, in order to place things in balance.  We have:
>             F1 = F2
>    G*M1*M2/r^2 = M2*v^2/r
>         G*M1/r = v^2
>              v = sqrt(G*M1/r)
> In the case of the Earth-Moon system we have:
>        M1 = 5.9736*10^24 kg
>        M2 = 0.07349*10^24 kg
>         r = 0.3844*10^6 km   (384,400 km)
> so that v = 1.018 km/sec.

That looks lovely and I'm sure you sleep soundly at night knowing that
mathematically, your world is in order.  Except the math is WRONG, as it
does not consider the gravity attraction between the Earth and Moon when
computing velocity.  In the 1998 exercise, it was shown that we have a
massive Moon, per the Inverse Square law, of millions of trillions of
metric tons of equivalent weight if on the surface of the Earth, moving
at a rate of only 1023 m/s (or 1018 m/s if you prefer).  As the Zetas

    Your Moon, adjusted for the distance it is, and going at the rate it
    does while carrying this adjusted weight [reduced for distance], is
    Your astronomers, unable to bring all their equations and physics 
    together on one page, are telling you that your Moon, at an 
    adjusted weight of 20,228,796,000,000,000 metric tons, could cruise 
    along at 1/4 the speed of your stationary satellites ... and maintain 
    it's place DUE TO CENTRIFUGAL FORCE!  The theatre of the absurd is 
    about to open.

The figures used during this discussion, were:

     Earth: 5.9763e+24 kg ( 5.9763e+21 Metric Tons)
     Moon: 7.3508e+22 kg ( 7.3508e+19 Metric Tons)

     gravitational equation F = G*m1*m2/r^2
     acceleration of the moon due to gravity toward the Earth
           F = 2.20228796E+16 metric ton force
          or = 20,228,796,000,000,000 metric tons-force

     C  = Pi*2*R = Pi*D
     gives a circular orbital speed of: 1023.183 m/s