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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D8)

In Article  <VHF77.35833$> Greg Neill wrote:
>> And where the force of gravity between two objects is another
>> Newton law:
>>          F = G*M1*M2/r^2
>> Should the velosity not be countering the force of gravity, to keep
>> the Moon from plunging to Earth? But it's out there sedately poking
>> along! Floating up there!  Almost as though it were floating on ....
>> a bed of gravity particles jammed between the Earth and Moon, as
> Who says that the velocity is not sufficient to maintain the orbit?

Because in your velocity formula, you EXCLUDE the mass the gravity
attraction between the Earth and Moon!  This is, per Newton, a factor of
BOTH masses.

The challenge was to put Newton's Law on the force of gravity together
on the same page with his his other laws, such as velocity and rate of
acceleration required to keep a body in orbit.  If the force of gravity
between the Earth and Moon is HUGE, then you cannot simply pretend the
Moon is another orbiting body like a satellite.  In the velocity and
acceleration formulas, plug in the ACTUAL gravity attraction between
these two objects, and the point the Zetas are trying to drag you to
admitting is that the Moon is too massive, and moving too slowly, to be
up there PER NEWTON.  Newton does not work.  There is a repulsion force
in play, keeping the Moon aloft.

If you were to plug in the TRUE force of gravity between the Earth and
Moon, not a single M, into the Velocity formula, what would that formula
look like?

>>    v = sqrt((6.67E-11*5.9763E24*7.3508E22 /3.844E8^2)/3.844E8)