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Re: Planet X: ALTERNATIVE Garbage <= THOLEN! 3

In Article  <vhd77.12143$> David Tholen wrote:
>> Want to answer my questions, which you endlessly evade,
> How ironic, coming from the person who evaded the question
> above about whether your right ascension is in hours or degrees,
> by claiming that it's what the world uses.
>> on your relationship, direct or indirect, with NASA and their
>> lackies?
> What alleged "lackies"?  I can't answer such ambiguous questions.
> For all I know, you consider CNN to be NASA "lackies".
>> and that's not your current assignment, right?
> I don't have "assignments".  I choose for myself the research
> projects that I work on, and as a matter of fact, we have been
> working on clarifying the orbits of KBOs.
>> So I ask again, David, why you can address these issues, and
>> be silly or mis-directing or respond with non-answers,
> Meanwhile, your reference to "Jiffy Burger" demonstrates that
> you're the one who has been silly.  The irony is incredible.
>> but CANNOT answer my repeatedly asked questions!
>> Do you have to ask NASA, first, before you can respond?
> No.  Imagine that, another direct answer.  How long will it be
> before you lie about that again?
>> Is someone who knows you at the University likely to call
>> you on a lie, posted here?
> You're presupposing that I've posted any lies here to be called on.
>> Do you have to say "Captain May I?" before you can tell a
>> lie OR the truth?
> Illogical.

Lots of blather, questions still evaded and unanswered!  Repeated, once
again (last asked on July 15th).

In Article <> Nancy Lider wrote:
> Are you, or have you ever been, a Principal Investigator, received
> data provided by NASA? Information that was given to you and
> your associates, but not to others due to this arrangement? Did
> you work on the NEAT program, in any capacity?  Do the University
> of Hawaii and NASA collaborate - share expenses, equipment, and
> results? ...  Can [NASA] punish you by
> refusing future collaboration, or a failure to get future Principal
> Investigator assignments, or the like?  Can they influence your
> employer, which I assume to be the University of Hawaii, to make
> your life miserable?