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Re: Planet X: ALTERNATIVE Garbage <= THOLEN! 3

In Article  <vhd77.12143$> David Tholen wrote:
>>>>>> And they move in egg-shaped orbits in the plane
>>>>>> of the ecliptic? So we have motion ALONG the
>>>>>> ecliptic, lateral, not plunging ACROSS,  right?
>>>>>> So known KBO's would not be likely to take the
>>>>>> path the Zetas have laid out for Planet X between
>>>>>> now and May 2003, right?

>>>>> Your path is non-gravitational.  KBOs behave according
>>>>>  to a gravitational ephemeris.

>>>> Wha'zat?  Can you expand and explain?  Just what can
>>>> we expect KBO's to DO?

>>> Get back to me when you've demonstrated an ability to
>>> understand.  My sentence above already contains the answer.

>> And here, where you HAVE an opportunity to clarify, you don't.

> On the contrary, I've already clarified.  You simply don't
> understand the clarification.

>> That's because clarifying the orbits of KBO's would make them
>> LESS of a disinfo tool,

> As a matter of fact, we spent 20 hours of telescope time this past
> week clarifying the orbits of KBOs, including 2001 KX76.  It's
> a minor improvement in the case of 2001 KX76, because the
> length of the observational arc wasn't increased significantly, but
> it can be a major improvement in the cases of the other objects.

Which leaves my initial question, what TYPE of orbit (in general terms
the public could understand) these KBO's have - unanswered!