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Re: Planet X: PRIOR Pole Shifts, 2 BACK

"J. William Dell" <> wrote in message news:<>
> Query?
> Did someone selectively misread or is this disinformation?.
> The dates given in back 1 (3,500 years ago) back 2 ( 7,700 years ago) & back
> 3  (10,900 years ago) are from todays date not B.C.E.
> BTW - Thera on Santorini blew about 3600 years ago, and it is speculated
> that the Jewish Exodus also occured around the same time.
> Those items fit the 3600 year cycle.
> Vesuvius and Krakatoa do not fit the cycle.
> Just keeping it straight.
> JD
That is right William. Thera did blow around 3600 years ago. In fact a
large portion of Santorini sunk as a result. Further more scientists
deduced that the eruption was a probable cause of the plagues at the
time of the exodus and they also found evidence of a tsunami which
brought parts of Santorini to Egypt. It must have been a real wopper
as numerous civilizations fell at about the same time, - all over the