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Re: Planet X: PRIOR Pole Shifts, 2 BACK

In Article  <> Ben Ede wrote:
> Nancy Lieder recently posted her evidence for
> earlier disastrous encounters with Planet X (Nibiru)
> at sci.astro. Keep in mind that Nibiru supposedly
> returns every 3,600 years to our neighborhood.
> Nancy posted evidence of natural disasters occuring
> every  3,600 years as briefly related below
> 1...Vesuvius erupted 3,580 BC and 79 AD.
>     We interpret this to mean that there was a pass
>     by Nibiru around 0 AD and 3,600 BC.
>     (See Planet X: Prior Pole shifts, 1 Back)
> 2...Between 7,000 and 7,700 BC there were various
>     water disasters (see Planet X: Prior Pole shifts,
>     2 Back). We interpret this to mean that there
>     was a pass by Nibiru around 7,200 BC which fits
>     the 3,600 year timetable.
> 3...In Planet X: Prior Pole Shifts, 3 Back we learn
>     that around 10,900 BC and 11,000 BC  we had
>     natural disasters involving forests, which roughly
>     fits a pass by Nibiru in 10,800 BC ( another 3,600
>     interval).
> 4...Somehow Nibiru must have put on the jet-burners
>     to cut its laptime almost in half in order to  to be
>     here during the time of the Exodus (1,600+ BC).
>     Can the Zetas explain what happened?

In Article <> J. William Dell wrote:
> The dates given in back 1 (3,500 years ago) back 2
> ( 7,700 years ago) & back 3  (10,900 years ago) are
> from todays date not B.C.E.
> BTW - Thera on Santorini blew about 3600 years
> ago, and it is speculated that the Jewish Exodus also
> occured around the same time. Those items fit the
> 3600 year cycle. Vesuvius and Krakatoa do not fit
> the cycle.

Right you are.  1,600 BC (Before Christ) is approximately 3,600 years
ago.  In fact, since record keeping went to Hell during that time, the
Jewish Exodus is variously estimated to be 1628 BC or 1,550 BC or other
such intervals.  The Egyptian census stopped being taken.  Record
keeping STOPPED.  Now why would that be, unless something REALLY BIG
disrupted them.  Yes, and all their slaves walked off, old women and
toddlers and the lame and all.  Very distracted, those Egyptians were.

I was trying to find the Ice Ages track record, to see how this fit in.
We could map the prior poles, at least the North Poles which were over
or close to land, from the Ice Age cold-focus, I think.