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Re: Planet X - Why is it Moving so Fast?

In Article <> John Latala wrote:
> Something going 200 times the solar escape
> velocity isn't going to slow down on it's passage
> through the solar system unless it HITS the sun.
> There is a reason escape velocity is called escape
> velocity.

And on this point, you and the Zetas agree! :-)  Here's the description
of the passage by the Zetas, in existing ZetaTalk:

    While it is out in space [Planet X] moves slowly,
    but increases speed rapidly as it comes close to one of
    its two foci. When [Planet X] is passing your Sun
    it is moving rapidly, the time spent within your outer
    planet Saturn's orbit a mere 3 months. It zips by.  It
    does not head directly into the Sun, as there is a play
    between attraction and repulsion which exists between
    all planetary bodies. The distance maintained is
    determined by these forces, relative to the mass and
    speed of the two objects ... in the case of [Planet X],
    which has a mass much greater than the Earth, the
    repulsion force is a factor. Mathematically this is
    equal to the force of gravity when the two objects are
    close enough to touch, or they would in fact touch.
    Simply stated, the faster [Planet X] moves, the closer
    it can come, although the math in this matter is not
    quite that simple. ... There is a battle going on, a
    tug in one direction with a push in another. The
    end result is that [Planet X] still comes on, full bore,
    but veers to the side a bit as it approaches. As it is
    still picking up speed, the speed compensates for the
    repulsion, and [Planet X] finds in the last few
    months that it can now come closer to the Sun, the
    repulsion being balanced by the speed.  Thus, when it
    gets to its maximum speed, entering your Solar System,
    it bends in toward your Sun, after having veered
    outward slightly, so that the angle is approximately
    32 degrees. ... It is at this point, essentially, that
    [Planet X] is closest to the Earth, as with the angle
    of entry into the Earth's orbital plane being 32
    degrees at this point, [Planet X] essentially dives up
    through the Earth's orbital plane and quickly passes

         ZetaTalk™, Entry Angle