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Re: Planet X: EARTHQUAKE Increase

Charlane wrote:
>> The moron calling itself Small Kahuna wrote:
> Quit whining. I do it to make a point and draw attention to what follows. I
> also happen to believe Small Kahuna *is* a moron. Have you read what he writes?

As opposed to "Evil Mike" (bear in mind that this is his own
self-characterization).  His idea of "discourse" is to insult people
into a point of view.  Let him actually EXPLAIN the theories he so
clings to and you will see that he can't.  All he can do is lash out in
a violent posting as if this covers for his inability to be rational.

Forget Planet X, Evil Mike, explain gravitation to me.  Explain why
integrating Newtonian mechanics for the "two body problem" to show
"escape velocity" proves anything in a universe that is currently
estimated to have 10^80 objects in it?

Explain why Newtonian mechanics does not explain the perhelion advance
of Mercury, and what this means for the escape velocity discussion.

When you are done, explain why the Pioneer spacecraft is slowing faster
than predicted, and what THIS might mean to any discussion of "escape
velocity".  My bet, Evil Mike, is that if *you* worked for NASA (god
forbid) you would have plugged all the info into your trusty calculator
and computed that you needed 1234.56 lbs of propellant to achieve escape
velocity, only to find your spacecraft mysteriously turning around...

Explain how you can mathematically integrate to infinity when it is
still an open question in Big Bang cosmology as to whether or not the
universe is finite.  If the universe is "closed" what does it mean to
"escape"?  Heck, even if it is open, what does it mean?

Explain any of those things, Evil Mike, you who consider yourself so
intelligent, high and mighty.

Oh, yes, and just for giggles, try doing it straight, without swear
words or insults, just once, just to see if you can.

If you can't explain any of these things, Evil Mike, who is the real
moron?  Who is the person demonstrating real blind faith?

> I am so sorry.  I didn't know that you are list-God.
> Charlane

No Charlane, he is not list-God, he is just someone with a *serious*
anger management problem.  I would not recommend you honk your car horn
when you see him on the highway, you might end up a statistic on the
11:00 news.
The Small Kahuna