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Re: Nancy Lieder Exposed!

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I don't see what this link has to offer.  What have you "exposed"? 
That you visited Nancy's townhouse?

Congrats, what an accomplishment.

If a person is truly intelligent, and therefore has an open mind, one
could at least consider the information Nancy offers.

Who gives a flyin' loose shit where the info supposedly originates
from.  If she thinks it's "Zetas", and others do as well, I could give
a BM less.

The point is, the information is worthwhile.  I'm open minded enough
to consider that she actually is receiving telepathic info, but I have
no idea if she really is.  I like the idea, therefore I like to
believe it, but will forever remain open minded enough to consider
that it's all erroneous.

Or perhaps the source isn't what it claims to be.  Perhaps something
else is going on that we and even she doesn't understand.  The
*information* given is still worthy of exploration.  If it wasn't, not
only would a whole shitload less time be spent on her and the Planet X
topic, it would've also been conclusively disproven by now due to
illogic or inaccuracies.  I don't see nearly enough of either to
simply dismiss it.  And there's no way to outright disprove it...yet.

I will visit an observatory this year.  I will look for X all next
year esp towards the six month mark.  I will keep an open mind in all

If I don't see anything over the next year 1/2, I will then dismiss
it, and could care less about any explanations given.  I'll move on.

In the meantime, I'll keep an open mind.  One would certainly think an
astronomer would be one of the greatest examples of an open mind.  You
can't explore infinity and NOT be's a contradiction and