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Re: Planet X - Why is it Moving so Fast?

Charlane wrote:
> JJ wrote:
> > 
> > 2) Since the solar system escape velocity is supposed to be
> >    about 10 miles/second (54,000 feet/sec, according to NASA at
> >,
> >    isn't PX, moving at 200 times this value, according their
> >    own data, going to just hyperbolize itself right on through
> >    us, practically ignoring the Sun's immense gravitational
> >    pull?
> > 
> > JJ  
> > N 24* 13' 
> > E120* 39'
> To a point yes, but not completely.  The momentum with which it gathered will
> propel it just enough until the Sun's magnetic field kicks completely in.  It
> will be slowing about past it's sprint from the arc.
> Charlane

Could you be a bit more specific?  

1) What is the *origin* of the titanic forces that will be
   required to even deflect, let alone slow down, an object of
   23 Earth masses moving at 2000 miles per second passing
   within some 55 million miles of the Sun.  

2) Point me to a URL that describes, and hopefully, provides
   a way to calculate such forces or at least calculate their
   effect on the path of the object in 1).

3) If you don't have a URL for 2) above, point me to someone
   who *knows* about these forces.  A book.  A phone or fax
   number.  An address.  

4) I don't understand the part where you said the Sun's
   "magnetic field kicks completely in".  Don't you mean the
   Sun's *gravitational* field?  

5) I don't quite grasp the part where you said "It will be
   slowing about past it's sprint from the arc."  Could you be
   more specific? 

N 24* 13' 
E120* 39'