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Re: Planet X: FLASHES Increase

Here, I'd like to preemptively give the flamers something to chew on. 
Before you go getting all hot and bothered, check out the link I posted
in another thread:

An interesting article on the amount of methane that can be stored in
strange places is in the December 1999 issue of Scientific American.

I quote:

"Interest in hydrates has skyrocketed in recent years because global
deposits are thought to harbor more fuel energy than all the world's
coal, oil and natural gas reserves combined."


"In 1996 Suess and his colleagues were the first team to recover methane
hydrate from the ocean floor, with the help of the research vessel,
Sonne. Then last summer at Hydrate Ridge they discovered something that
they had never seen before: Fizzing chunks of hydrate, some the size of
refrigerators, broke off the sea floor a kilometer deep and floated to
the surface before disintegrating."


"Almost certain to push the hydrates "over the edge" would be the
occurrence one of the magnitude 9 earthquakes that hits the area every
650 years or so, says Chris Goldfinger of Oregon State University." ...
"Thin carbonate rock encrusts the bent part of Hydrate Ridge like a
chocolate-dipped ice cream cone, Goldfinger says.  Using sonar
reflections to map the shallow seafloor, he and his colleagues have seen
that this thin shell has cracked in certain places and is now sliding
down the ridge's steep sides.  "My guess is that when these magnitude 9
earthquakes go off, the game board changes completely in just a few
seconds," he says. "That's when you might get a catastrophic release of
methane all at once""

So, it seems as if ZetaTalk is not the only "group" on Planet earth who
considers this to be an issue.

Also it should be remembered that recently we have discovered an effect
referred to as "sonoluminescence" where sound induced bubbles in a fluid
create light.  This is the subject of considerable speculation as to the
cause, particularly because the color temperature of the resulting light
is extremely high, which only adds to the mystery.  So if you want to
rant and rave about how our science does not know anything about this,
consider sonoluminescence.  And while you are at it, explain how it
happens in the first place - you might win a Nobel Prize.

Nancy Lieder wrote:
>     Accompanying booms caused by heaving seas in
>     response to earth movements will increasingly be flashes
>     of light, leading the startled public to perceive that an
>     explosion might have happened. As the booms happen
>     over water where could the spark for an explosion come
>     from? These are indeed related to the booms, and are
>     indeed explosions, and emerge from the same source.
>     As we have stated in explanation to the Tunguska
>     explosion, great pools of methane gas lie trapped under
>     the surface in certain areas of the world, due to rotting
>     debris trapped under layers of volcanic ash or sediment.
>     Just as the booms indicate adjustments in the sea bed
>     causing heaving water to clap, just so the flashes
>     indicate adjustments in land masses allowing the methane
>     gas to escape and on occasion spark into an explosion.
>         ZetaTalk™, Flashes
>             (
> Science Frontiers #99
> May-June1995, by William R. Corliss
>     One of the strongest earthquake illuminations came
>     during the Chinese earthquake of 1976, when it was
>     reported that the lights at the centre of the earthquake
>     were bright enough to turn night into day. As far as
>     320 kilometres from the epicenter of the quake people
>     woke up thinking their room lights had been turned on.
> Strange Blaze Near England, Arkansas, Puzzles Police
> Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 11, 2000
>     A mysterious fire scorched 40 acres early Friday
>     morning before emergency workers controlled it, central
>     Arkansas officials said. The Pulaski County Emergency
>     Management Department responded to the fire just before
>     midnight a few miles south of England when a call
>     alerted officials to a possible plane crash, Emergency
>     Management Director Kathy Botsford said. No evidence
>     of a plane crash was found. The fire burned parts of
>     Pulaski, Lonoke and Jefferson counties. Most of the
>     damage was sustained on land in Jefferson County,
>     which is in charge of the investigation, according to
>     Lt. Eugene Butler of that county's sheriff's office. Only
>     one house sits near the l50-foot-wide, mile-long area
>     that burned, but no damage was reported to that building.
>     A pipeline explosion was also suggested as a cause of
>     the fire, but Botsford said that the contents of the pipes
>     running rough the area are nonflammable and the
>     company that owns the pipes said no leaks had been
>     detected.
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