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Re: Planet X: BOOMS Increase

Michael Davis wrote:
>>> Hehehehehe! These super advanced zetas (read the voices in Nutty Nancy's
>>> head) don't even know the proper explanations for the origins of thunder
>>> and sonic booms. Nice try, Nancy. Unfortunately for you, most people in
>>> this NG are smarter than you and can see the holes in your little made
>>> up dialog with the nonexistent zetas. No rubes for you today. Why don't
>>> you go troll the new age groups? They are full of shit-stupid people who
>>> might just believe your brand of nonsense.
> Count you in as what? One of the shit-stupid morons who believes Nutty Nancy's
> drivel? Will you be drinking the Koolaid with the rest of the cult?

Oh my god, its like shooting fish in a barrel.

Read the damn posting:

Earthquakes where plates are compressing are measured by humans as the
friction causes jolting, but for every compression adjustment there is,
somewhere, a widening in a rift. Most often these rifts lie underwater,
as water fills low lying places. A widening rift does not jolt the
bordering plates, it is a silent adjustment. However, the sea water
rushing to fill the new void has an effect on the air masses above,
creating a thin air mass and causing the air on all sides of this thin
air space to rush in, and clap!

    ZetaTalk™, Booms

Now do you care to refute anything stated in the whole posting using
anything which resembles science?  Or is your limit creating juvenile
postings of the form: "Oh, yeah, well your mother."

This is not particularly too difficult to explain or even accept as the
science here is all pretty straightforward.  Nothing too controversial
or exotic.

It is widely known that earthquakes cause all kinds of behaviors with
respect to the plate motion.  We have numerous examples (and some really
cool pictures) of sheer going on for miles, with roadways cut in half
and such.  We also have many examples of buckling, where the plates
pushed up against each other, and something (the crust) had to give. 
There are so many published examples of this kind of thing, I won't even
BOTHER to do a casual web search.

It is also widely understood that (particularly undersea) there are many
examples of plates which widen, leaving fresh magma to create new
crust.  I mean, we are not on new ground here, there is just WAY too
much literature, pictures and evidence to support all of this.  Unless
you want to say that there are also voices in the heads of most of the
geologists too.  Your only possible argument could come from "how can
earthquakes produce thunder?"

Again, this is also unbelievably simple to explain.

Sound is a wave of compression and rarefaction in a material, in this
case the gas of the atmosphere.  Many sounds come from a localized
source, for example, from a radio speaker.  The speaker pushes and pulls
on the air around it, alternately compressing and rarefacting it.  This
wave expands in a spherical fashion from the speaker (only because the
sound source is "diffraction limited".  (The physics of the wave
function of sound and light in optics, such as a telescope, is related -
at a first order, a wave is a wave.)  You hear it because the wave
pushes and pulls on your ear-drum, and your brain analyzes the timing,
phase angle, and how the sound is filtered by your head, outer ear, and
ear canal to determine that the sound is coming from the radio, and not
the TV.

Again, as a first order approximation, a wave is a wave is a wave. 
Imagine setting up a whole bunch of of microphones at varying locations
around the room and recording it all with a multi-channel tape recorder,
where the phase characteristics of the sound at each mike are carefully
recorded.  (Phase accuracy is critical.)  If you then set up speakers at
each microphone location and play the tape back, a really weird thing
happens.  The waves from the speakers all align so that they all
converge back exactly at the speaker of the radio that they all came
from.  If you recorded the motions of the speaker (the same way a home
intercom uses a speaker as a speaker AND a mike) you would get a
remarkable reconstruction of the original signal.

This reconstruction occurs even if the room SIGNIFICANTLY alters the
acoustics of the sound so that it seems almost impossible that one would
be able to reconstruct the original wave.  Each recorded sound at each
separate mike can be completely unintelligible due to acoustic filtering
and echoes, and still it works.  The whole point is that the wave
function is time reversible.

This is the subject of a whole suite of commercial products.  There are
a number of new ways of processing the sound for home theater TV that
reproduces the desired sound to a stunning degree.  You should stop by a
high end TV shop and give it a try, it has to be heard to be believed. 
It is all done by manipulating the phase and filtering of the sound to
fool your brain into thinking that the sound is not actually coming from
the speakers.

At trade shows, you can stand in an exact spot under a hemispherical
speaker and hear a presentation and watch a video.  If you stand 6"
away, you hear nothing.  (It helps with the overall noise level at the
trade show floor.)

There is a (relatively) new technique for eliminating kidney stones
without surgery.  A patient is locally anesthetized (for pain
management) and set into (essentially) a tank of water. A large
ultrasonic transducer (actually more than one) produces a concave wave
directed at the patient where the focus of the concavity is located
exactly at the stones.  The stones are simply pulverized and passed
without subsequent incident.  The ultrasonic frequency insures that the
diffraction limit is not so much of an issue and the sound focuses
correctly.  All the energy of the sound harmlessly passes through the
body and concentrates on the stone itself.

I could go on and on and on, but by now the point is clear: manipulation
of sonic wave fronts is well understood science and the subject of many
cool products, some of which would blow your mind.

So, how does this relate to sound claps and earthquakes?  Simple.  The
ground below stretches ever so slightly.  The water above it rushes into
the void, and the water above it, etc.  The sound wave starts at the
floor of the water body and a rarefaction wave is launched upwards.

However, since there is a stretching of the crust below, there is a
tendency to form a concavity, and this concavity acts to focus the wave
exactly like the kidney stone crusher does.  The only conceivable
difference is that this wave starts off its life as a rarefaction rather
than a compression (but this is not relevant to a wave function because
it only changes the sign).

The rarefaction wave travels up in the water and forms (something like)
a bowl of water at the surface.  This bowl of water starts its own
rarefaction wave in the air directed upwards at an imaginary focus.

As the wave goes higher and higher, it becomes more and more focused to
a small region.  (I hesitate to say "a point" because I'm sure it is not
a point, but it is safe for the purposes of the explanation to imagine
that it is a point, again, to a first approximation.)

Eventually this rarefaction wave reaches its focus and simply rebounds
off itself.  (I mean, what else is it going to do?  The convergence of
the rarefaction wave causes a vacuum, and, well, you know the old saw
about nature.)  Now of course, the original concavity is not perfectly
spherical so the focus is somewhat diffuse.  But the bottom line is that
now you have a whole bunch of sound all focused on a small area, and
what else is it going to do but reflect.  The reflection is going to be
influenced by the shape of the actual focus.  Dumb luck could form a
focus that would result in most of the sound being directed towards a
particular angular region, again, it is just a wave function and so
agnostic.  This reflection is the "boom" being reported by observers
below or to the side.

Again, this is not really going out on a limb here, this is trivial
stuff.  The fact that this is all a 3D wave function makes the math a
bit more complex, but does not change the principals.

> How do you research the paranoid voices inside a kook's head?

Uh, by remembering your high school science?  Did you graduate high
school?  Sleep through that class?

> That's probably because you don't know what you are doing. You should have bought a
> DOB anyway. SCTs suck and goto is for weenies.

The above and below attitude is brought to you by someone who can't
handle a simple wave function...

> "Goddammit! The world is just filling up with more and more idiots! And the
> computer is giving them access to the world! They're Spreading their stupidity! At
> least they were contained before - now they're on the loose everywhere!" - Harlan
> Ellison

If you are going to rant and rave about The Cult and the voices in
Nancy's head, at least stick to stuff on the fringe of our science or
items that have some inherent uncertainty or controversy.  Occam's
razor, in unskilled hands, is ugly.
The Small Kahuna