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Re: Planet X: TUNGUSKA as Example

In Article <> P. Edward Murray wrote:
> Why not try Occam's razor? The simplest
> explanation is usually the best. Why can't it
> just have been a meteor or comet that exploded
> a few miles above the ground?  That's what the
> current thinking is and I believe it fits the bill
> better than anything else.

    Comets and meteors do NOT explode when
    encountering Earth’s atmosphere, as our past
    answers to Jim Scotti during a debate on these
    matters explains.  This is not what your history
    or science presents to you!  If they are monstrous,
    they plunge to Earth and leave a crater such as
    the Gulf of Mexico off Yucatan.  If they are tiny,
    they burn up in the atmosphere as shooting stars.
    If they are midsized, they burn on their periphery
    but land to be rocks picked up and examined by
    your scientists.  You have NO record of a
    exploding comet or meteor.  None.  But beyond
    the fact that such an explosion is not how your
    comets and meteors behave, is the fact that 
    such an explosion would not result in the
    Tunguska evidence!

    The theory of an explosion high in the air was
    tossed out like a piece of meat to hungry dogs to
    avoid dealing with the new evidence that no meteor
    dust or particles can be found on the site.  They’re
    hoping this will pacate you for awhile, while you
    chew on this.  Where a high explosion might evade
    the meteor dust and particles issue, is does NOT
    address the flattened trees.  Explosions rapidly
    disapate in ALL directions, and from several miles
    up would either affect a HUGE area of forest or
    barely affect that forest it does impact.  Yet the
    Tunguska trees are devastated by an explosion that
    occurred CLOSE to the ground, and all the evidence
    support this.

    The reasons you hear such a silly explanation is
    that the establishment does not want you musing
    about methane gas under the permafrost and flash
    frozen Mastodons.  Next your mind would be
    turning to why organic material got caught under
    the permafrost, and how the Mastodons got in the
    situation they were in when the cold descended
    upon them.  Next you might take pole shift and
    shifting crust theories seriously, and then start
    wondering about the weather lately and the fact
    that Planet X discussion never seem to die. This
    would lead to their having to deal with your messy
    panic, and they’d like for you to be brain dead and
    paying your taxes and dutifully going to your daily
    job until the last moment when they are safely away
    to THEIR nitches and you can’t make any demands
    upon them.