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Planet X: PRIOR Pole Shifts, 1 BACK

1 BACK, 3,600 Years Ago

Physical Evidence

 1. According to current data, the last two great eruptions
    of Vesuvius occured in 3580 B.C.E and 79 C.E. (the latter
    being the eruption which buried Pompei and Herculaneum).
    Both Krakatoa and Thera have a Volcanic Explosivity
    Index or VEI of 6 which rates them as “colossal” with a
    plume height over 25 km and a displacement volume of
    between 10 and 100 ks km.
        Robert Jastrow, Science Digest, Sep/Oct '80

 2. A study by Claude Jones of the Great Lakes showed that
    these lakes have existed only 3,500 years. This is confirmed
    by several geographic historical maps of Michigan
    available in Michigan libraries. Gales obtained the same
    result on Owen Lake in California. Van Winkle obtained
    the same result on Abert and Summer lakes in Oregon.
        Earth in Upheaval by Velikovsky

 3. From observations on beaches throughout the world,
    Daly concluded that there was a change in the ocean level,
    which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago.
    Kuenen and others confirmed Daly’s findings with
    evidence derived from Europe.
        Earth in Upheaval by Velikovsky

And the Zetas Explain:

    You will not find the prior South Pole, as there, out
    over water, a 3,600 old melt and rebuilding left no
    trace. But the prior North Pole should leave no doubt,
    as the Island of Greenland, with volcanoes melting
    the glaciers away in great floods, is still more heavy
    with ice than all that has accumulated over the current
    water born poles to date, within the past 3,600 years.
    Prior to this last pole shift there was a slightly colder
    Europe, and a slightly warmer Russia. And why did
    the continents rend, so that the oceans dropped such
    a significant degree into the rifts, during the last
    shift? Because the passage was closer than will occur
    this coming time. The exact date and time when the
    Earth finds itself distressed, and the passage occurs
    for [Planet X], are not on the same clock! The speed,
    therefore, of the shift, was enough to wrench the
    continents apart, in that the shift was barely moving
    before the Earth tried to pull into alignment with the
    rapidly passing [Planet X], rather than in opposition.
    The crust was therefore jerked to and fro, rapidly.
        ZetaTalk™, Prior Shift

    The last passage of [Planet X] is best remembered
    as the time of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, but what
    is not well known is the reason for the exodus. ...
    The Jewish exodus did not occur because this large
    group just decided to take a stroll one day, anticipating
    nothing worse than a whipping as the comeuppance
    should they be discovered. The exodus occurred
    because their masters were devastated and distracted
    by problems so severe as to take their minds entirely
    off their slaves. ...  Nothing in the normal course of
    Egyptian society would have created a situation where
    the Jews could have left, en mass, or even a situation
    where they all would have had the courage to leave.
    They left because the passage of [Planet X] imposed
    first a long night and then horrendous earthquakes
    and volcanic eruptions in nearby volcanoes.
    Chaos reigned, the very type of chaos that governments
    throughout the world fear lies in their near future.
    Guards left their posts, and household servants stole
    from their masters and crept away in the seemingly
    never-ending night. The rulers held their heads in
    worry and discussed among themselves how they might
    placate the gods. The military elite, used to utter
    control and tolerating no challenges to their orders,
    react to chaos by trying to re-establish order. Hysterical
    troops, unable to comprehend what was happening to
    them, were in no mood to placate their superiors, and
    thus the military was engaged with internal battles
    for some time. It was not until the rotation of the
    Earth was re-established that the Egyptian rulers and
    their military leaders were able to regain control of
    the troops. By that time, as history well tells, the
    Jewish exodus was a success!
        ZetaTalk™, Jewish Exodus

So take the globe, put Greenland at the North Pole position, and see if
this does not give the Mastodons the green grasslands they munched on
that the flash frozen grass and buttercups in their stomach give
evidence to.