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Planet X: JULY-SEPT, 2001 Coordinates

To meet the various requests we've received ...

    Having assumed a retrograde orbit, the significant
    motion of the 12th Planet is nevertheless inbound,
    toward the Sun. From the Earth, however, this
    appears to be a motion to the side, in a retrograde
    orbit. At the mid-year point in 2001, several things
    happen to the 12th Planet during its inbound trek.

       1. it picks up speed, moving from what was an
          essential dither between its two foci to an
          increasing motion toward the Sun.

       2. it comes closer to the Sun's sweeping arms, and
          thus does a stronger jump over these arms when
          they pass, increasing its retrograde motion.

       3. it makes what appears to be a tick back in its
          path, bumping up and then around, as it passes
          what we will call an influence that likewise
          hovers near the midpoint of the two foci.

       4. it settles into a period where the primary
          motion is strongly inbound, rather than
          retrograde, due to the increased speed it has
          attained. This speed allows the 12th Planet
          to increasingly ignore the Sun's sweeping arms.

        RA 4.45732 Dec 11.91793 on Sep 30, 2001
        RA 4.45962 Dec 12.44113 on Sep 20, 2001
        RA 4.46002 Dec 12.56542 on Sep 5, 2001
        RA 4.46137 Dec 12.74267 on Aug 25, 2001
        RA 4.46978 Dec 12.98923 on Aug 15, 2001 (yes, this is a tick back)
        RA 4.42916 Dec 13.18956 on Aug 9, 2001  (yes, this is a tick up)
        RA 4.44371 Dec 13.17165 on Aug 1, 2001
        RA 4.52124 Dec 13.74256 on Jul 28, 2001
        RA 4.73456 Dec 13.98234 on Jul 17, 2001
        RA 4.95179 Dec 14.33179 on Jul 12, 2001
        RA 4.96112 Dec 15.74311 on Jul 3, 2001

            ZetaTalk™ (dated June 17, 2001)