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Planet X: GREEN METEOR Increase

    More than just [Planet X] comes through on its
    periodic passages. [Planet X]’s moons travel like a
    string of pearls behind the monster traveling planet
    because they have been caught in its gravitational field.
    And a great deal of trash has also been caught, from
    boulders to gravel to dust that drags long behind as the
    giant comet’s tail. But outside of [Planet X]’s
    gravitational grip, yet influenced more by [Planet X]
    than any other object, is other trash that makes the
    rounds with [Planet X]. Like rogue asteroid or meteor
    dust, this trash could conceivably impact the Earth,
    as its orbit is not like the orbit of the trash in the
    Asteroid Belt, orbiting the Sun always a distance away
    from the Earth, its orbit crosses the Solar System at
    an angle, just as [Planet X] itself does. Early
    harbingers of this trash have begun arriving, and
    have announced their arrival in dramatic ways.
    Unlike the familiar shooting stars, these harbingers
    are green, not white, when they burn up in the
    atmosphere. Like the other signs on the increase,
    these harbingers will increase in numbers and be
    joined by other dramas in the skies, all of which will
    remain unexplained by the authorities.
        ZetaTalk™, Green Meteors

Green Fireballs Dazzle Viewers in Ireland
April 5, 1999, by Joseph Trainor

    Mysterious green fireballs were seen twice over Ireland the night of
    Saturday, March 6, 1999.

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