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Re: Nancy/TT-Watch Yahoo Group: A Call to Join

What Michael has failed to mention is that I ignore the mailing list in
preference to sci.astro, and ignore the mailing list in general (deleting
without reading).  He spent the past month "talking" to me there and was
puzzled by why I never responded.  The only time he got a response was out
here, in public.  The exasperated group finally got tense with him.
Sore loser, Micheal is. Out for revenge against those folks, I see.

In Article <> Michael L. Cunningham wrote:
> Since Nancy has honored this group with her constant presence for the
> past few years I thought the newsgroup would like to continue these
> discussions on the tt-watch yahoo group...
> Please feel free to join their discussions as Nancy does so with this
> group!