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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 1

Bill Nelson wrote:
> In sci.astro Nancy Lieder <> wrote:
>> Oh?  But the Navy recently changed how the Equinox
>> date in computed in their Almanac.
>> (
>> The Formula for computing the Equinox changed, which
>> formula is dependent upon the "ascending node of the
>> Moon"
>> (
> So what?  Change the formula, and the day may change. That
> does not invalidate anything I wrote.

If the Earth is slowing down in rotation, and the Moon is the only thing
that refuses to be manipulated to effect a cover-up of this fact for the
time being, then sooner or later folks on Earth will notice this
discrepancy.  The Moon takes on 29.53 days to arrive at the point where
folks on Earth see it as a full moon face, but since the Earth is
rotating more slowly, it takes LESS than 29.53 days to get to that
point.  Is the Moon going faster?  Nope, the Earth is going round more
slowly.  The phases of the Moon were apparently manipulated in the Navy
database, to pre-set the full moon face to be EARLY so that about now,
when alarm may be on the rise (about weather and volcanic increases and
rotation slowing and increasing magnetic diffusion and related earth
changes), the predicted full moon will be less out of sync with the
actual full moon face, splashing cold water into the face of those about
to go into a panic, hopefully.

If the Earth is slowing and this required manipulation of moon phase
data, it would also affect the equinox data.  Equinox is calculated at
midnight, I believe.

You know, it would be VERY interesting to line up OLD data on
predictions for full moons, etc., 10-20 years old, and compare it to the
Navy stats.  If the Earth is only slowing leap seconds every few years,
then it should not be far off, right?  Not hours, or days, surely.