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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 1

In Article <EAdT6.4982$> David Tholen wrote:
> you called a 98 percent gibbous Moon "essentially
> full" to try and show "28 days MAX" since the 1999
> January 31 full Moon.  Yet here's an excerpt from
> that table:
>        d  h  m          d  h  m           d  h  m          d  h  m
>  JAN.  17 15 46   JAN.  24 19 15   JAN.   31 16 06   FEB.   8 11 58
>  FEB.  16 06 39   FEB.  23 02 43   MAR.    2 06 58   MAR.  10 08 40
> Note how it confirms the January 31 full Moon, but also
> notes that the following full Moon was on March 2, which
> agrees with what I said previously.  Thus your 98 percent
> gibbous on February 28 and "essentially full" are nothing
> more than diversionary red herrings.

All right, David, instead of clucking about on this matter, tell me what
"98% gibbous" means to you.  If Webser's says that it means more than a
half face, but not yet full, then we're dealing with (for an average of
29.53 days between full moons and not less than 29.51) a period of
14.755 at least.  98% of that lesser number is 14.46 days, so we're .295
days from the full moon, right?  How ELSE do you interpret 98% gibbous?
You tell me, please, so we can stop ponging back and forth on this
issue. Of course, this is for UT and Frank was writing from Nevada, some
hours later, but lets just take UT (several hours east of Nevada) for
this discussion.  I'll give you that, (though I think it's a solid 7
hours later than UT).

Now, unless you come back with some SOLID clarification of 98% gibbous
(which I know you're capable of, David), this is saying to me that with
only 2% of the gibbous phase to go, On Feb 28th in Nevada (some unknown
time, so let's assume 11:59 PM for the sake of argument) to Mar 2 at
6:58 AM (the time of the next full moon at UT, per the Navy database),
we are on Feb 28th in 1999 some 31 hours from the full moon.


This 98% gibbous, full moon, is coming EARLY, as the trend line on the
1990 manipulated statistics shows!  Early, by MORE than a day!  Which
lines up with what the Zetas said about manipulation in 1994 of the Navy
database stats!