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Re: Zetas, Black Holes and Cosmology

In Article <> The Small Kahuna wrote:
> In last month's Smithsonian magazine there was an
> article about large scale mapping of the universe.  An
> abstract is available at
>   smithsonian/issues01/jun01/galaxies.html
> but it is helpful if you are looking at the actual physical
> magazine.  The article discusses the work of Dr. Margaret
> Geller.  What is being done is to create an enormous
> spectral analyzer to measure the red shift of galaxies.
> In other words, the repeating pattern of "local big bangs"
> model, as proposed by the Zetas, fits incredibly well with
> the picture we see.  At the center of each bubble (a long
> time ago) was that enormous black hole they mention.

I’m so flattered :-).

The whole ZetaTalk Accuracy TOPIC
( is a conglomeration of
things OTHERS have noticed and brought forward, as you did.  For
example, the Crop Shortages issue.  In 1995, and repeated for emphasis
( the Zetas stated that for 3
years running, into 2003 (that is 2000, 2001, and 2002) there would be
crop shortages world wide.

    We predicted, in 1995 when ZetaTalk first started, the
    weather changes. This is a matter of record, because our
    emissary Nancy has put on the web site a What's New
    page that traces all the way back to 1995. We predicted
    the erratic weather that is occurring now where no one
    else did. We stated in the beginning of 1995 that there
    would be weather changes of such a nature that there
    would be crop failures due to crops being wrongly
    signaled, a spring coming too soon so that plants start
    off on their cycles and then a dramatic reversal, winter
    returning. This can cause a crop failure as surely as an
    intractable drought or a deluge that literally washes the
    seeds out of the ground. In addition we predicted that
    livestock and fish harvests would suffer, because they
    are going to be affected by a tendency to have increased
    diseases, fungal infections and the like that can run
    rampant through commercial operations.

        ZetaTalk™, 1999 Predictions

We started a Shortage TOPIC in Troubled Times, but this had nothing much
more than Ni-CAD batteries for the Year 2000 crisis to report until the
middle of 2000.  That quarter I added 86 pages to this TOPIC, reports
from all over the world on crop shortages.

    Starting in 1999, food shortages caused by drought or
    deluge began appearing, and by 2000 were in evidence
    worldwide in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina,
    Armenia, Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria,
    Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba,
    Cyprus, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Guyana,
    Hondurus, India, Iran, Iraq, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica,
    Jordan, Kazakstan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Liberia, Madagascar,
    Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal,
    Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland,
    Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South
    Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand,
    Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan,
    Vietnam, Yugoslavia.

        Shortage TOPIC
On July 1, 2000 a Troubled Time member working in Saudi country
complained that he could no longer reach the ZetaTalk web site.  The
Saudi’s have a central internet gateway where they can control this.  We
had no idea why the ban had been imposed at that time, as ZetaTalk has
been an international presence since 1995.

     Subject: [tt-watch] Access to Zeta-Talk site blocked in the Middle East
     Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 08:59:26 +0300

        I was stunned to see today that for the first time I could not
        access to the Zeta-Talk site (I am in Saudi). The message is :

            Blocked site - Emirates Internet denies access to this site.....


Within a month, we got our explanation.  Not five days earlier, due to
crop shortages, the Saudi’s had to dramatically increase their subsidies
for their farmers.

    Saudi Orders Subsidies to Curb High Barley Prices
    Reuters, June 25, 2000

        Saudi Arabia's King Fahd has ordered “billions of riyals”
        in state subsidies to help livestock owners cope with
        high barley prices, a Saudi official said on Sunday.
        Saudi Arabia is the world's largest importer of feed barley.
        According to the International Grains Council, Saudi
        Arabia is expected to import 4.5 million tonnes of barley
        during the current crop year. But traders see the desert
        kingdom importing between five and six million tonnes
        because of the impact of drought.


And the Zetas explained why ZetaTalk had become a banned message in the

    The simple message of ZetaTalk - that ... the Earth
    periodically undergoes cataclysms during the passage of
    [Planet X] and certain elite in power positions are aware
    of the next pending passage in 2003 - has not been
    considered a threat up until and even past the millennium.
    The reason for this was also simple - ZetaTalk contained no
    truth, or made no statements, that could be verified.
    Predictions were made, about weather changes and crop
    failures and earthquake trends, and matters were veering
    in this direction, but still the weight of ridicule vs.
    substantiation was on the side of those who would keep
    the public unaware and placid until the last days before
    the pole shift. This weight has recently, in mid-2000,
    shifted to substantiation of ZetaTalk, thus making it
    for the first time a threat, rather than a worry.

    What substantiation has occurred, by mid-2000? As has
    been carefully documented by our emissary, Nancy, in her
    ZetaTalk What’s New pages and on the Troubled Times
    pages by her fans, ZetaTalk has been highly accurate in
    - the weather changes, hotter winters and colder summers,
      alternating deluge and drought
    - the effect of these changes on harvests worldwide, to the
      year that shortages would occur
    - the continuing heating up of the core and its effect on
    - the remarkable effect that locked plates have on
      earthquakes, such that they domino, and the year this
      would occur
    - higher tides, unaccompanied by and thus unexplained
      by earthquakes or storms
    - migration of peoples uneasy, at a subconscious level,
      with what they sense is coming
    - increased illness among animals and humans alike
    - an increase in albinos, such that the White Buffalo
      would not stand alone in its appearance

        ZetaTalk™, Banned Message