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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 1

Bill Nelson wrote:
> In sci.astro Nancy Lieder <> wrote:
>> Boy, you've got a very valid point, Bill. I'm wondering why
>> that Navy guy called our attention to the fact that the Navy
>> stats were out of sync with the actual full moon
> Where did a Navy authority make such a statement. If you
> posted it, then I missed it.

Article <> posted last Sunday.  You can
find this on my web site at 
Frank signs his name, saying

    Courtesy, U.S. Naval Observatory

But this could also be taken as saying he got the data from the Navy
site, not that he works for the US Naval Observatory.  He's stating that
where there was a full moon on January 31, 8:08 AM, it appeared 98%
Gibbous on February 28th, at most 28.75 days past the last full moon,
with an average between full moons no less than 29.5+  He's saying he
"observed" it to be EARLY, a heads up to something fishy going on, etc.