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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 1

In Article <9fhitj$3e5$> Bill Nelson wrote:
> There are many publications from at least 40 years
> ago, that predicted the solar eclipses through the year
> 2100. As far as I know, the predicted times have not
> changed more than a few seconds since then.

Oh?  But the Navy recently changed how the Equinox date in computed in
their Almanac. 

The Formula for computing the Equinox changed, which formula is
dependent upon the "ascending node of the Moon"

    Astronomical Almanac 2001
    Updates and Corrections.


        Page B6, The equation of the equinoxes and the
        paragraph following should read:

        equation of equinoxes = 1/15(Dy cose + 0."002
                                    64 sin W + 0."000063
                                    sin 2W)

        where Dy is the total nutation in longitude,
        e is the mean obliquity of the ecliptic and
        W is the mean longitude of the ascending node of the
        Moon. The equation of the equinoxes is tabulated
        on pages B8-B15 at 0hUT for each day and
        should be interpolated to the required time if full
        precision is required.

Note that Dy and e and W are shown as symbols on the web page.