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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 3

In Article <9fcse7$n7n$> Paul Schlyter wrote:
> You forgot these influences:
> - changes in the circulation of the atmosphere
> - changes in the circulation of the oceans
> - changes in the circulation of the magma flows
>   deep in the Earth's interior
> Of these three, the last one is believed to be the most
> important. Of course it's also the hardest one to
> monitor and to predict.

You and the Zetas agree.  They indicated in 1995 that the increased
swirling of the core is responsible for the oceans of the world heating
up from the bottom up, and increased volcanic and earthquakes too.

    For those discouraged by peering at the sky, and in
    particular discouraged by the myriad of alternative
    explanations for what is seen, remember that the
    approach of the comet is best measured, until the
    last year before the cataclysms, by the Earth's
    response to its approach. As we have already
    explained, the core of the Earth is already responding,
    and this measurement is recorded in the rising
    temperature of the oceans, worldwide. The next
    symptom to look for is increased volcanic activity,
    and larger and more frequent earthquakes, worldwide.
    This, surely, cannot be attributed to the Greenhouse
    effect. It is when the Earth receives red dust from
    the tail of the comet, as it enters the Solar System
    and passes between the Sun and the Earth, that
    denial will no longer be possible. At this point,
    however, there are scant days before the cataclysms.
        ZetaTalk™, Comet Visible

    The increasing activity in the core of the Earth will
    eventually manifest itself in ways that will become
    difficult to explain. Erratic weather will continue
    to be explained away as global warming, the result
    of the atmosphere heating up to cause swirls in the
    upper atmosphere. Violent wave action that swamps
    large ocean going ships and the booms from clapping
    air caused by under water plate movements will be
    lumped in with earthquake activity. The increasing
    incidence of earthquakes will be explained as periodic
    cycles, with ancient legends to support the cycle
    theory, or improved reporting mechanisms, implying
    that quakes were not recording in the past. The
    dramatic flashes of light caused by methane gas flares
    as the gas is released from trapped pockets under
    moving plates will be explained away as lightning.
    The increasing magnetic diffusion will be blamed
    on sun spot activity, as neither is readily measurable
    to the average man so the story will not often be

    During the months before the passage of the 12th
    Planet there will be an almost total interference
    with radio and television transmission, unless
    supported by cable of some sort. Cellular telephones
    will be useless, and due to their popularity in certain
    cities this will not be taken lightly. Long distance
    telephone calls, which invariably use satellites to
    bounce between points, will also become impossible
    to maintain. The governments of the world will be
    asked to explain, and will trot forth their red-faced
    scientists with silly explanations. Undoubtedly
    sunspot activity will be blamed, and those scientists
    who point out the inadequacy of the explanation
    will be badly mistreated. Were sun spots or magnetic
    storms from the Sun the cause, then satellite
    bounce and in particular cell phone transmissions
    should return to normal on the dark side of the Earth,
    away from the Sun. Since the time until the shift is
    short, the governments will proffer outlandish
    excuses, knowing they will never be held to account.
        ZetaTalk™, Manifest Clues