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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 1

In Article  <%OWR6.4337$> David Tholen wrote:
>> The US Navy sets the clocks of the world, synching
>> computers worldwide in the wee hours of the mornings
>> so that a gradual slowing is disguised.
> Incorrect; indeed, news about the insertion of leap seconds
> is widely disseminated, not disguised!

We’re not talking SECONDS here!

And a failure to insert leap seconds (which would call attention to the
slowing) would only result is a later dawn, the sun at high noon a bit
off center, a longer sunset - all hard for folks to notice as the Sun
does not wink on or off at a precise SECOND, dawn and sunset are

In Article <9fachr$k5d$> Josh wrote:
>> 1999 Average 29 days 12.94 hr/mo =  29.53916
>> 2000 Average 29 days 13.29 hr/mo = 29.55375
> 29.53916 - 29.55375 = 0.02215 days, is 0.5315 hours,
> is 31 minutes 53.76 sec. difference.
> That is 1 minute 4 seconds per day over the moon-cycle.

And add that to the prior year’s delay, and you get an HOUR of slowing.