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Re: Planet X: TIDAL WAVES Recorded

In Article <OQBQ6.8039$> David Tholen wrote:
> Nancy Lieder writes:
>> 2. splash waves do not travel hundreds of miles inland
> How would you know?  Have you ever witnessed an
> asteroid impact? Did you see the movie "Deep Impact"?

It’s fiction, Dave.  That movie had a LOT of fiction in it.
1. NASA functioned well enough to set humans on an asteroid.
2. Government employees and the Military stayed calm and did not panic
3. The President was black and was someone who cared about the populace
4. The populace obeyed the curfew, instead of running for the hills

What was probably NOT fiction, in my opinion, is that the President
decided not to tell the populace until they “had a solution”.  Did the
public have a right to know?  Could they have saved themselves, if they
had known?  You’ve likewise got a right to know about what’s coming at
you and the effect it will have on the quaky and sloshy surface of the
Earth you’re living on.  But the folks in the know ain’t going to tell
you because they don’t have a solution and they don’t want your messy
panic. Meanwhile, of course, THEY can make personal plans, but you don’t
deserve the same consideration.