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Re: Planet X: MAGNITUDE Clarification 1

In Article: <> David Knisely wrote:
>Actually, I should have said "a Heliocentric observer".
>A solar system "absolute magnitude" ("H") would be
>for an object located 1 Astronomical Unit (about 149.6
>million kilometers) from the sun and theoretically
>observed from the sun's position (assuming someone
>could actually do that).  For example, an object with a
>magnitude of 2 at only 1 A.U. from the sun and
>observed from the sun which then was 11th magnitude
>at a new position farther away would be about 39.8 A.U.
>away from the sun (close to the mean distance of Pluto
>from the sun).

What about an Apparent Magnitude 2.0 when viewed from Earth during the
Passage, as diagramed to the Zeta specs at the Point of Passage page
(  This is much less than
1 AU, being more or less 2/5 of an Earth-Sun distance.  The Zetas said
somewhere, 14 million miles from Earth, no closer.  This would make
Planet X brighter than Magnitude 2.0 (H) and thus an Apparent Magnitude
11 at 9 Sun-Pluto distances, I suspect.  (Asking for a math assist here,
being a math dummy big time).