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Planet X: SIZE Clarification

In 1995 the Zetas stated that Planet X, though 4 times the size of
Earth, was smaller than Pluto when viewed from Earth.  I’ve been
repeating this guildline, but perhaps this is no longer the case since
it is inbound.

    Though a large planet, 4 times as large as Earth and
    thus larger than Mars or Pluto, it is at this time at a
    much greater distance and thus its visibility is not
    equivalent to Mars or Pluto
        1995 ZetaTalk™, Comet Visible

I stated:
> - Size in scope is smaller than Pluto (so needs an observatory
>   scope to see)

Some have ignored the statement that Planet X, per the Zetas, is 4 times
the diameter of Earth, taking the above statements to mean it is smaller
than Pluto, and thus at its distance impossible to see.  Josh has
computed the visible arc seconds, given the 4-times-Earth size and
distance at 9 Sun-Pluto spans, to be 3 times larger than Pluto.

John Shakespeare wrote:
> As far as I recall, an angular size of 10^-5 degrees
> (0.035 arcsec) was calculated for the alleged object.

Jos wrote:
> I calculated the angular size of P-X, and it was 3 time
> bigger than Pluto.

David Tholen wrote:
> Pluto is 2300 km in diameter and 0.11 arcsec in
> angular diameter.  Given that subarcsecond seeing
> is possible from the ground, and quite common
> at some sites

Magnus Nyborg wrote:
> Since it is claimed to be about 4 times the size of Earth,
> this would increase it to be about 20 times larger than pluto

So Planet X is visible from the ground, certainly from observatories, as
has OCCURRED this year in France, Canada, and the US.