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Planet X: MAGNITUDE Clarification 1

I appologize to sci.astro for using the term ABSOLUTE in NancyTalk.

In Article <>  I wrote:
> In Article <awxP6.30038$> Chosp wrote:
>> Why do you not include the fact that she said it was visible
>> as a 2nd magnitude object which changed to 11th magnitude
>> as it came closer?
> Why is it you fail to register the difference between ABSOLUTE
> and APPARENT magnitude?

Thus I implied that Planet X had an ABSOLUTE magnitude of 2.0 but an
apparent magnitude of 11 at present when seen from Earth.  I, NANCY,
used the term absolute incorrectly. Both are apparent magnitude,
depending upon distance when viewed.  At present Planet X is
approximately 9 Sun-Pluto distances from Earth.  What the ZETAS stated

    [Planet X is approximately magnitude 2.0 in brightness ...
        ZetaTalk™, Comet Visible

In Article <> John Shakespeare wrote:
> Do you know the difference between absolute and
> apparent magnitude? The absolute magnitude of an
> object is what its apparent magnitude would be if it
> were at 10 parsecs distance (more than 32 light years).

And John has correctly taken umbrage, above.