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Re: Planet X: MAY Coordinates

Alexander Vshivtsev wrote:
> David Tholen wrote:
>> Magnus Nyborg writes:
>>> How can a planet go from a forward orbit, linger, and then turn into a
>>> retograde orbit for two years ?
>> Active propulsion.  Don't know of any planets that have that.
> The planet can not sharply change its orbit. However, the
> cases were supervised, when after tight coming together with
> Jupiter the comet completely changed the orbit. The change
> of motion from forward to a retograde in such situation is
> quite possible.

This is its appearance FROM EARTH where is it coming at us in essence
dead on.  In this straight line motion it pulls first to one side
slightly, then to the other (retrograde).  This is NOT a stop and
reversal in space, as you’re implying above.  Existing ZetaTalk explains
this appearance, as viewed from Earth, during the pull first this way
and that:

    As we have mentioned, [Planet X]'s approach at this time,
    as viewed from Earth, has it essentially standing still. Just as
    the appearance of the flight of a bird might have it bobbling up
    or down at bit in flight, as it approaches the observer, if
    viewed from above the flight the path would appear straight,
    and if viewed from the side where the rapid forward progress
    of the bird is more dramatic than any bobble up or down due
    to its beating wings, the path would likewise appear straight
        ZetaTalk™, Retrograd Motion