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Re: 10th Planet / Pioneer Probes / Dead Star Enyclopedia Diagram

In Article <PPWP6.7389$> David Tholen wrote:
> Nancy Lieder writes:
>> If the Earth's twin was in a balanced orbit exactly opposite the Earth,
>> as the Zetas have stated, it would NOT perturb the Sun,
>> it being an equal pull on the Sun in both directions.
> Ah, but the presence of a cancelling force would tip us
> off to the existence of the object.  If you were pulling
> on an unanchored mass and not getting anywhere, you
> could conclude that there was an equal force pulling in
> the object direction without knowing of the existence
> of the object causing the force. ... You're forgetting
> about the other planets, which couldn't possibly remain
> opposite that alleged "dead twin".  The perturbation
> on their orbits would be quite variable and quite
> noticeable.

And who sees and measures those perturbations?  NASA and JPL?  Would
NASA withhold info?  Nah!  There WERE and ARE perturbations, per the

    Theories about the Earth's dark twin, which
    does exist, have been around for decades. They
    emerged because of the observed perturbations
    of the planets.
        ZetaTalk™, Earth Twin