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Re: Planet X: (Science News) A Comet's Odd Orbit Hints at Hidden Planet

In Article <> Christer Palmer wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Apr 2001 17:58:45 -0400, 
> Flagship1 of the Paranormal <> wrote:
> Over a week since this was posted and not one single
> protest from the debunkers in sight... how odd!
> You just gotta love e'm don't ya? :-))

In Article <> Christer Palmer wrote:
> Excellent, thank you for posting this!
>> Planet X: (Science News) A comet's odd orbit hints at hidden planet.
>> If one takes the time to observe the April-07-2001 Edition of
>> Science News on page 213 is an article hinting of the likely
>> existence of a hidden planet beyond Earth's solar system
>> which takes on the path of a comet. This seems remarkably
>> coincidental to Nancy Lieder's recent "planet X" discussions,
>> hence I have decided to adopt the (Planet X) header in the
>> subject line. ...
>> From:
>> Although the proposed planet would lie too far away to be
>> seen from Earth, its gravitational tug could account for the
>> oddball orbit of a large comet spotted in the outer solar
>> system a year ago.

It is a characteristic of closed minds that whatever conflicts with the
accepted conclusion gets CLOSED OUT. Whatever argument is put forth by
ZetaTalk, however logical or lining up with the facts, it is “crazy” or
“junk”. Therefore, any argument or facts by others must result in

1. they are also “crazy” or “uneducated”

    “Another candidate for the kill file! (Oops, was that a
     Science News article?)”

2. denial that any support for ZetaTalk exists or was posted

    “What Science New article?”

3. picking at some small point while ignoring the whole

    “This poster clearly is not a peer as they used the term
     ERA where they should have used the term TIME FRAME.
     Discount everything they say!”