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ZetaTalk: Belated Admissions

Dated March 23, 2000
The religious institutions are considered a controlling establishment, and as such are very closely allied with many political establishments around the world, to the extent that many political establishments and churches are wedded and are almost one and the same. Look to the Philippines and the Catholic church to see how closely allied they can be. Look to the Catholic church in Europe in the past to see how closely they can be allied. It is not uncommon in some Asian countries for Buddhism, for instance, to be so closely tied to a political structure that they almost appear to be one and the same. Therefore the religious institutions can be expected to be alerted, to have an inside track well ahead of what the general populace would hear. Consequently, the church has gotten wind that announcements are going to be made to the public.

Hearing this, the church, not wanting to become completely irreverent and determined to skew itself ahead of any such announcements in such a way that it would be seen as a leader rather than something rigid dragged along at the rear of the buggy, in the dust, always pulled along and never at the fore. They want to create the illusion of leadership, and hopefully retain some of the respect they now hold. They want to forge ahead prior to any official announcements from governments, and make their own announcements. Thus, the public can anticipate the church to almost be a harbinger of future government announcements. When you see a frantic papacy come forth with pronouncements that seem totally out of keeping with its past, look behind it to what it is actually running from, which is the inside track on announcements that are to be made.

For instance, the Catholic church is now alluding to the reality of aliens which certain portions of the US government has denied for years. Now the church comes, saying “Oh, by the way, aliens are real”. Are they leading, or are they coming in as a Johnny-come-lately hoping that the public will not notice how slow they have been with these statements. We hear from the Catholic church that Mary’s message is being decoded or being leaked to the public. Just why does the Catholic faithful have to wait until the Pope decides it is time for them to hear about these messages? Why should they be a secret? Why should they be retained only by the elite? If they come late with these messages, what does that say about the church’s respect for the faithful, those who send in their money and support the church and its hierarchy? Why are they now doing this? If the public finds they are the last to know, this will be highly resented.

You can anticipate that the Catholic church will come forth with announcements and revelations that have been known to the Catholic church for its entire history only after the governments of the world have become increasingly honest with their populace. They do this to gain enough respect to retain control and be maintained in their positions. As the church begins to see governments assume a trend that becomes more than just talk but become action, and information is being relayed to people increasingly such as the renewed discussion about Planet X coming out of Britain, the church will begin to bend and say “Oh, we’re giving you information because we are leading the flock”. They are not leading. They are frantically running ahead of the truth that is being revealed to people, to appear to be leaders. But in this regard they are revealing what the backroom discussions of those in the power positions, the establishment, are saying - the back room discussions the public is not privy to.

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