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ZetaTalk: Contradictory
Note: written Mar 15, 2000.

Going into the new millennium, the American farmer was not told that the coming crop shortages will be a problem. In fact, they will be an acute problem. The American farmer is even being told to put much of their acreage to sleep, a contradiction it would seem given that stores in the US are not high. This contradiction can be explained by opposing forces, with those in power positions wining the wrestling game. At one side are those who would inform the public, allowing more families to start gardening and to change their diet or spending practices. Those of good heart want this approach. They are countered, as they have been all along, by those who fear panic in the public and the disruption this will cause in their own pampered lives. This faction wants the public blind to what is coming as much as possible. The employment is kept high by pumping money into the economy, the public told a boom is going on. In fact, this is a facade, as other indicators are screaming that erosion of true wealth is occurring, but those who want panic dampened are wining the arguments at this time, and we expect this to occur at least for the rest of this year.

To keep stores in the US grocery shelves, and keep the prices down, shipments to help other countries are being cut back drastically. This creates a temporary glut, and thus the farmers are told to cut back on their planted acreage. However, we anticipate that the crop shortages this year will be so severe that this ploy will come back on the manipulators, and they will find prices rising in spite of all attempts to hold the prices down. The move by the government to put in price freezes will not happen during 2,000, in all likelihood, as it would mean explaining too much to the public. We expect ZetaTalk to be allowed to increase its influence, as the coming shortages will be viewed with alarm, and the message to the little guy to prepare by gardening and learning to grow and eat earthworms will be viewed as a salve on an open wound.

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